Cotton Candy Clouds + Updates (Yeg)

There is something about the morning light that I just can’t get over. It just hits different. The wild oranges, the pink clouds from the rising sun etc etc. I know I said it before but damn it’s just so good. We got treated this morning for sure. Great work to everyone for putting in the work and crushing this morning’s workout.

Today’s blog is pretty chill but I wanted to direct you to two other blogs. One on the newly announced buff contest and two around NP Summit – I know we have some awesome artists in our midst so let’s see what you got! If you have any questions on either please feel free to reach out any time!

Keep being awesome,



  • Friday 6am – Walterdale Hill
  • NP Summit is coming! If you’re in the dark, take a look here. More from NP Canada being on the road this coming November! Stay tuned.
  • If you’re new to NP Canada or haven’t done so as yet, please sign the global waiver– here
  • If you’re coming to a workoutsign in here BEFORE you show up. In the event we need to contact you, we know who was at each workout. And seems pretty important now that this new variant is trending upwards.
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