Costumes are always encouraged (NPSF)

This week marks one year since the greatest birthday party experienced by any one of the 65 souls present that epic morning on Corona Heights (party recap). Rumour has it that Sunish was planning a throwdown party in Las Vegas to ring in Tommy’s fourth year. But unfortunately, the toddler demanded a fresh key lime pie baked by @kyliebakeacake herself, and Nate couldn’t swing an extra return Vegas flight for the Kiwi. We’ll have to make do with a local party then so. Last year’s theme was “things that fly”…


… but do you know the one thing Tommy loves more than flying things? That’s outdoing the other male members of the NPSF Tribe to exert his dominance in the group. Next Monday, we have a surprise male guest member leading the Fort Mason workout, and the theme of that workout will be “animals”. Not to be outdone, Tommy decided that his Friday Hills NPSF party should be “African Safari” themed and that it should be held in a jungle. So there you have it. Friday Hills will be held in the GGP jungle by the beautiful Strawberry Hill waterfall. Costumes are heavily encouraged. If you turn up costume-less, Tommy will likely hold a grudge and not high five you at a single workout for the rest of the year. Trust me, you don’t want that.


It’s not like you guys don’t enjoy wearing costumes at our workouts….

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