Core 40 (IND)

Today #NP_IND warmed up our gastrocnemii and hugging arms with the Bounce and Mix, accruing six ass-in three-second-hold hugs in less than 60 seconds. The tribe was then introduced to Core 40, which consisted of #UpAndOvers peppered with 10 reps of four core exercises: walking plank, leg throw-downs, spider-man and burpee box jumps. Make sure to record your laps on the tracker.

Donny did a Double for Frank today. #FuckYeah. Next week: Tan(ner) Jason is up. Not Tall Jason, to be clear.

The #PositivityAward went to Ann today, who recently turned from newbie to regular. Ann shows up consistently puts in hard work while smiling from ear to ear. Congrats Ann, you deserve it!

2014-10-16 00.03.53

A genuine and massive thank you goes out to the #NP_Nurses who attended to Jar-bear this morning.

Next week…is gonna be weird. #JustShowUp.

Indiana War Memorial 5:28/6:15am. North stairs.

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