Coolest City (DCA)

Blog post is a day late. What happened? Soon as Danny leaves, we start falling apart. We’ll see you soon Danny. Without further ado:

DC is a cool city. No really, Forbes said so. If Forbes says it, then I gotta believe it, right? Who is this Forbes person anyway? I’m always wary of faceless names. I’m more of a “meet you, get your name, hug you, high five you as you run” kind of person. But aren’t we all? If you’re not, NP might not be for you. Three days a week, we get to hang out with the coolest people in the city. These people happen to have the best asses in DC as well. It’s a fact. It’s SCIENCE. You can’t deny SCIENCE. It’s also a scientific fact that we have a lot going on over the next month, so I’ll get straight to it:

FRIDAY: Calvert hill (Rock Creek Park) 6:30AM #EarnYourWeekend

SUNDAY: #BetterThanBedtime 5PM Jefferson Memorial. Costumes highly encouraged. Details . Facebook event here.

Over the next month, we’ll be missing my better half as our coleader Danny spends some time out in PDX. In the meantime (for my sanity), we’ll be having a #DannyOfTheDay. Someone will fill in for Danny, help me out, and then choose the next #DannyOfTheDay. Don’t miss out on the best Danny impressions around.

AUGUST 27TH: Get ready to #SweetPR and earn that free Sweetgreen. If you recorded your time for 17 logs last month and you PR this month, you’ll earn a free salad from Sweetgreen. If not, you’ll get a chance to do the same thing next month. Two local groups keeping their community happy and healthy.



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