Constantly Inspired (PHL)

Three years ago on a balmy August morning I stood at the foot of a massive, seemingly unending incline in Brookline, Mass.  Not having any intro or overview of this November Project thing, I was getting a crash course doing Indiana Jones runs at Summit Ave.  If you’ve ever had the pleasure/misery of climbing this hill, you’ll understand that this was not the most cordial introduction.  After 45 minutes of vomit inducing hill repeats with a group that was practically dragging me through the workout, I found myself unable to completely comprehend what just happened.  In under an hour I had embraced strangers, got pushed to my physical limit and seriously questioned my notions of community and fitness.

Fast forward to this morning, I realized that while doing a fairly routine (though by no means easy) workout at Lemon Hill, not a lot has changed.  Looking around…the positivity, the encouragement, the hugs, the willingness to push ourselves and one another is incredibly inspiring.  This is a community that exists, persists, grows and flourishes because of the people who choose to wake up, put their feet on the ground and show up.  Fast, slow, runner, yogi, couch potato…doesn’t matter much.  Front of the pack, back of the pack, young, old…doesn’t matter much.  What I observed this morning and every Wednesday and Friday at 6:25 AM are a collection of people who are pushing themselves physically and socially.  Whether chasing PRs or simply trying step out of their comfort zone and meet new people, this wild ride we call November Project continues to be a huge source of inspiration for me, THANK YOU!

Best of luck to all of those who are racing this weekend!  If you are running Mayor’s Cup, we will be meeting at Belmont Plateau just before 7AM.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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