Consistency. Badassery. Positivity. Ali Fauci (NPSF)

Today, one of our most deserved Tribe members took home the Positivity Award this m0rning… and this one has been a long time coming. Ever since Dan started early gang in the spring of 2015, Ali Fauci was an ever present. When our former nemesis (#jk) and now fellow-coleader, Zipin, set up the Tweener workout, Ali was there pushing everyone around her. For early gang Mondays. At Coach Nick Tuesday Track workouts. During Ting Thursday Tempo runs. Organising bike gangs to every corner of the city for Friday Hills. At the TNF Endurance Challenge taking on the trail marathon. Ali, keep crushing. Keep pushing us. Keep inspiring everyone around you. Thank you!

Here’s what a few words the co-leaders had to say about our amazing friend, Ali.

2016-03-02 07.13.29

JZ: Corporate always says we’re not supposed to have favorites but Ali is one of mine. Pretty sure she brushes her teeth with nails and sleeps on a bed of bricks. Because how else could she be so damn tough. Unassuming but always pushing herself. I know she’s inspired me to workout harder and stop coming up with excuses for why I can’t push myself at 5 am. The next winner of the positivity award will have some big shoes to fill.

2016-03-02 07.16.15

LMc: Without fail, Ali is out there every workout, busting her ass. She puts the work in every week and leads the tribe by example. There are few people left in the state of California like Ali. When she tells you she will be there, she will. No bullshit. Fauci for President? It’s not too late!

FRIDAY HILLS. Meet at the Warming Hut on Crissy Field. 6:24AM. Two more Fridays before the clocks change and we’re back in the darkness.

2016-03-02 07.03.36

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