Connections after the sun rises (YOW)

This morning was a morning of connections. Today on Valentine’s Day we celebrate connections with others. We had the opportunity to connect face to face with familiar faces, as well as new ones. Following a great weekend of social time skating the Rideau canal, breakfasting and racing the first Mec race, some tribe members have been able to spend even more time together. This community has spread outside of just the dark Wednesday workouts (yet still so hard to miss). It has lead to connecting through other environments, inviting each other to races, challenging race times, going on group runs, encouraging others to run their first race- which we saw a couple people do! So awesome to see amazing accomplishments like running your first 5K or 10K race and the best part is having a familiar voices yelling from in front and behind you to keep you going or distracted when the going gets tough. And though the races are awesome, a great challenge, it is so much more than the running.

Today 45 cities around the world got together to connect. November Project was built on connections. You show up for the workout, you stay for the people. And it’s so much more than the people. Community is what keeps us together and what keeps us hooked. Yes we do burpees. Yes we use fitness as a tool to connect. Yes we do workout and yes it’s hard. But it’s so much more than a workout. November Project can be used to connect with your own body, connect with others in your city, re-connect with old friends (and dogs), connect with people from other cities around the world. When you keep an open mind and are willing to wake up and put a smile on your face, amazing things come back to you. And you make your city that much better and brighter. Thank you for sharing your morning and your energy with us.


So keep connecting NP Ottawa. Connect with one other person today. You have the opportunity for the effects of this morning’s connections to be just a little bit longer lasting.


  • Connect with your number
  • Read a blog from another tribe
  • Bring a friend to next week’s workout, you can guarantee there will be people to move with
  • Have the buffs arrived? Come next week with your $5 and #justshowup to find out

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