Community, Muscles & Sunshine

What a week.

Today, Friday–we ran hills in the rain with a dedicated, #weatherproof crew.  We ran full hills and you should tell us how many you ran.

On Wednesday we ran the stadium and took amazing #yearbookphotos (well, Sam and Kelvin took them and we look awesome in them), which are now littering FB and IG with NP gold.

On Monday we did DD near the ocean and we went swimming afterwards.  Oh yeah, and we welcomed our two new NP co-leaders to the mix.

So, it’s been an eventful week.  And I’m happy to be writing to you all today, as it’s been a while since I’ve really gotten to blog it out for a few weeks.  I love this cool little portal I get to use to tell you the things going on with the tribe and generally help us all keep the NP feeling going a little longer during all the moments when we’re not together at a workout.

And today there’s a lot to share.  I’m going to summarize though, into two incredibly important nuggets of bloggery.  Get ready…


I made an error at the workout this morning.  No, it wasn’t that I forgot to wear underwear (either inside or outside my pants).  It wasn’t making an inappropriate comment to the tribe about manhole covers and womanholes (maybe that happened, sorry HR Karl, but I’m not really sorry. #KnowYourHole) The error was during that little moment when we’re trying to gather everyone for the group photo. Y’all were particularly like sheep today, and Chris Payne and I were sheep herding like champs.  I was focused on the tribe and an opportunity to deliver the Positivity Award to a well-deserving tribe member was overlooked.  I rectified that error with said tribe member after the workout.  And for the tribe, I will share with you about this dude:

This tribe member has been around for a good long time, always with a ton of fun in his pockets and a smile on his face.  This tribe member is one of the most encouraging, authentically supportive people I know.  He sees the good in everyone.  He sees the fun in every weird and hard thing we do for workouts.  He’s down for just about anything, anytime, with anyone, and he’ll make sure it’s awesome with his laugh, his loud yelling & peanut-gallery comments, his humor, and his hugs.  This tribe member has always loved NP, and we’ve known that, because he can’t hide it even if he tried.  And recently, he’s stepped up his game, offering a little more than he has in the past.  And by a little, I mean a whole lot.  He is inspiring to me because of how hard he works during workouts, how hard he plays & is a part of the social community of NP, and how he never lets us forget that NP is supposed to be fun, weird, and awesome ALL while being fierce free fitness.  Chris Payne, you are not only killing it as a new NP co-leader, you’re a positive MF’er and this stick is for you.  I’m not even a little bit sorry you almost cried when I gave you the PA.  You deserve this thing, like woah.  Payne PA


The photo at the top of this blog is the inspiration for this blog.  While Malcolm and Maya are pretty amazing core NP members, their sweet Friday #HillsForBreakfast photo represents pretty much everything NP is about.  See how Malcolm is reaching out to get a free high five from none other than Chris “Positivity” Payne?  That’s community right there.  Not to mention how Malcolm and Maya are running together like buddies do sometimes.  And then, the muscles.  Malcolm has a couple you can see if you look reaaaaaaaal close in the photo.  Those are the things that your body develops in response to repeated exposure to November Project workouts.  And then look at Maya.  She has muscles too…but also, she is pure sunshine.  She’s got joy and radiance oozing from every hole on her body.  That sounds a little gross, but trust me it’s a good thing.  They’re freaking happy as they’re running along.  Sure, the clouds in the sky and the rain coming down stopped some people from having a good day today and it even stopped some from showing up to NP this morning.  But these two human beings ARE the sunshine that’s right in our faces even when we can’t see the sun behind the clouds today.  This photo reminds me of all the reasons NP is not just a thing I do, it’s a huge part of who I am. Because what I want in my life is is Community, Muscles & Sunshine.  That’s it.  Pretty simple little recipe, with a “have a great day!” as the cherry on top.  Who doesn’t want all that?!?

I’ll tell you who wants all that.  We do.  Now go out there and tell everyone about it.  Selling points are as follows:

1. Community

2. Muscles

3. Sunshine

4. #ThisShitIsGood

Got it?


Boston tribe, I’m so serious when I tell you YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS MONDAY.  This isn’t just the usual “come to Monday, cuz it’ll be fun” recruitment pitch.  You don’t know what’s going to happen but you really don’t want to be on the MO end of FOMO.  The workout will be at Jamaica Pond, the little area called Pinebank.  That tracker link will let you verbal and see the map with exact location. Make it happen.


Have a great day!




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