Community Building Week – August 10th-16th


NP founders set out to:

  • Get strong and fast through tough workouts
  • Build and strengthen a community around fitness
  • Keep moving

Every day in Boston, there are hundreds, nay, gazillions, of people getting stronger in group workouts. In the summer, the agenda of free group workouts stretches across every day, time, and location you can think of. There are free yoga sessions, introductory cross-fit classes, weight-workouts, track workouts, and a plethora of running groups. This isn’t an excuse to skip NP, it’s an opportunity to add some more people and movement in between and around our M/W/F.

Dedicate one week to showing respect and support to these other free-fitness groups, bringing with us our strong NP culture of commitment, strength, and hugs. Let’s strengthen our Boston community by exploring a new group and making new friends.


Wear your #GrassrootsGear and #selfie with a new friend.  Try something new. Explore. Challenge yourself and push your comfort zone. Run with your mom. Share NP love, explore the other cool free fitness opportunities, and help include other people there in the NP opportunity.

Here are a few starter suggestions that are organized by core NP members:

    • Mornings @ 6:00am [various locations] – The Breakfast Club (Organized by core NP members, these bi-weekly runs start in different places across the city. For more information, check out The Breakfast Club‘s page on the Socialmediabook)
    • Evenings @ 6:30pm [downtown] – Mountain Athletics (High intensity workouts focusing on different aspects of athletic fitness. read more sign up)
    • Evenings @7:00pm (and Mon/Sat mornings) [Stony Brook T] – Forest Hill Runners (Welcoming group with track workouts, tempo runs, and Saturday morning long runs. For full schedule and more info see their sweet site.)
    • Bi-weekly @9am [various locations] – Boston Brunch Runners (there is one on August 16th – more info on their FB group page)
  • Follow NP Boston Social

Boston free-fitness links

If you are running a free-fitness, community-building workout the week of August 10th -16th, post it in the comments.


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3 Replies to “Community Building Week – August 10th-16th”

  1. The Somerville Road Runners hosts two weekly events:
    SRR hosts a free weekly 5K Fun Run on Monday nights at 6:45 PM at the Burren Pub and Restaurant (247 Elm Street) in Davis Sq, Somerville. No need to sign up in advance – just show up by 6:45 PM and sign in when you arrive.
    SRR also hosts a Thursday Night 4.06 Miler, every Thursday evening at 7:15 PM at Casey’s Bar on 171 Broadway, Somerville

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