Commitment Inspires Me

Crazy fast one-hit-wonders don’t get me going.

The gal who keeps at it, creatively tackling challenges on route to her goal, SHE inspires optimism in me. The guy who creates a healthier lifestyle for himself through months of attentive workouts, HE inspires dedication in me.

To the slowest runner who keeps at it, day after day, your grit inspires me.  To the fastest racer, who turns himself inside out every race day, your fire inspires me. To you who are nursing an injury and exercise patience so it can heal, your foresight inspires me. To you who lead by example, holding yourself to the highest standard, your quality of action inspires me.

You, you who keep coming, rain or shine, cold or colder, you inspire me.



Deniz challenged us to run full hills from 6:35 until 7:18. We ran hills and hills and hills. We kept moving until 7:18, because that’s what we do. Those who had to leave early, we totally understand that you have other priorities more important than hills for breakfast… we also happen to know that you wanted to do 5 burpees today for every minute you skipped.  Record your results here!



If you paid by Venmo, you probably already have your Buff and are wearing it in inappropriate places in inappropriate ways. Kudos to you. If you preordered and are paying by cash, you can pick yours up next week, or it will get sold to someone else. Full details here:



Join us to see Seaport, and find out the location here:

I’ll be there. #verbal



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