Commencement of Circle Monday’s (YEG)

Today was brought to you by the letter “O”…the first installment of Traffic-Circle-October-Mondays.

What’s better then messing with traffic in a traffic circle? It was a game of dodger to enter and exit this traffic circle this morning with great partner sets sandwiched in between. I believe that it is proper running etiquette to run towards oncoming vehicles so, in the name of safety (& because Nadim wanted to F with the cars going round the round-about) we ran our lap clockwise to the cars’ counterclockwise direction while our partners waited in squat holds, did sit-ups and hammered out plank jacks for 3 of the partner sets. We all had the same partner for the final set…good ol’ Sally. Sally had us going up and going down…doing perfect push-ups of course! It was the perfect start to the week…perfect start to our Traffic Circle Mondays…perfect start to the day!


See everyone Wednesday at the Royal Glenora Stairs…we meet at the bottom…5:57 AM SHARP! Ezio is going to be so happy that we are back!

Traffic circle

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