Columbus, OH

November Project Columbus is the 52nd city to join the free fitness movement and bring this amazing global community to Ohio for the first time. Whether you are a die-hard Buckeye fan looking for a workout, or part of the other 4% of the central Ohio population who despise all things scarlet and gray but are STILL looking for a badass workout regardless, we have you covered. Our group is diverse, enthusiastic, and ready to give you your first sweaty hug of the week whether it is during the 100% humidity of summer, or the temperamental Midwest winter wonderland. Hugs are not your thing? No big deal, we’ll respect your personal space. You will never have more fun and feel more supported by a workout group in this town than you will at NP Columbus. Fun fact – November Project is such a big deal now in Columbus, that we convinced (The) Ohio State University to stop trying to trademark the word “The”. Now THAT is changing community! #notnottrue

Where will you find us? Typically we shout barbaric yawps on the steps of Genoa Park directly behind COSI, every Wednesday, 6:14 AM – look for the deer statue. Don’t know what the deer statue is all about? #justshowup for the latest interpretation of this art installation and permanent fixture of our group photos.

When we are feeling extra spicy, we also claim the downtown bridges as our personal playground and will throw down for the occasional bridge war or sunrise fun run. We are just as loud and proud as a typical fan at an OSU game, but way more awesome. We promise.

Every Wednesday, 5:14AM and 6:14AM, Genoa Park. Connect with us via Instagram and Facebook.

The Deer Statue November Project workout