The pledge has made enough noise and the time has come… we are sending in the OG’s to draw even more attention to VICTORIA B.C.

WHEN: Wednesday, December 2, 2015. 6:29AM.

WHAT: Co-Founders of November Project reuniting in Victoria to drive even more attention to the FREE training that is going on. 60 minutes of fun, fast, fierce training for all levels, ages, shapes, & sizes.

WHERE: Beacon Hill Park Petting Zoo

WHY: Beacuse even a city as rad as Victoria can afford to be more connected, fit, and weatherproof.

WEAR: Gear to run, roll, jump, dip, and hug in. Consider wearing a blank T if you’re interested in having us tag our iconic NP stencil onto your shirt after the workout.

HOW: Pay close attention here… Just. Show. Up. And consider bringing your friends & fam. Oh, and bring $0 to cover your lifetime membership.

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