Clark Kent w/ #GrassrootsGear @Nov_Project_SF

Today, in three cities, the November Project tribe did its thing. It was badass, fun, intense, and lets face it, too freakin’ early. We remain proud of you athletes and non-athletes alike who made it out to train, race, push harder, and hug it out while many folks in your same city were watching the news and slowly starting their day. All three cities are growing rapidly at this point and, in case you missed it, THE TRIBE IS STRONG.

BOSTON NOTES (sent by BG before bed): We shared man, a robot, a vision, and a birthday BOOM. We usually talk the most so we will keep it short. Pumped about BETTER THAN BEDTIME 2 on August 4th.

WISCONSIN NOTES (Sent from Dan Graham’s office):

Today we had 71 Sleepy, smiling faces to greet each other. As it has been said, “If we all do it, it can’t be weird.” Happily we did what Maddy O’Keefe (Geniusly) termed the Double-Infinity Warm Up.
The second set was a Team Sprint Comp. Up the Middle of Bascom Hill, through the sprinklers. Winner takes loser to their team. Finally the most vomit-enducing Section (Section 1 – for you Bostonians) was a 10 Minute ‘all go’ as many ‘Lincolns’ as you can get. (Laps on the sidewalks from the second crossing)
Leanne Hughes Johnson? Still Running. Still beating people up the hill. 10 Sweaty Hugs near the sprinklers concluded a great start to our day. Madison Grows Stronger.

SF NOTES (Sent from Laura McCloskey’s iPhone):

As I sit here in my regional office meeting with my NP gear underneath my scrubs, I can’t help but feel like Superman. These people don’t even knoooow how bad ass this morning was. Although they keep glaring at my spray painted hands. Today SF hit a new record at 44 people! There were sweat bands, tricycles and sharpies. Boston and Madison, you will know what that means later this week. It got weird. Oh, and we are pushing this gathering known as BETTER THAN BEDTIME 2, heard of it?

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