#CITYGLOW: Importante (BAL)

Hola mi familia y bienvenidos a todas las cosas importantes para CITY GLOW de que está sucediendo mañana por la noche! (for all of you that do not speak Spanish, that means give yourself a wet willy and have an awesome day.)

No, here they are – the top things you need to know about CITY GLOW tomorrow night:

  1. Arrive at 6:45PM @ Rash Field for the bounce and raffle entry. We WILL depart as prompt as a morning rooster at 7PM.
  2. It’s going to be wicked awesome. WICKED.
  3. It’s a whopping $0, so take a deep breath and exhale happiness.
  4. Invite all the friends. ALL of them. Even people that aren’t your friends. They can come too. They may just become your friends.
  5. Carry all your things. Love them and cherish them, especially the glow sticks.
  6. ^^ Wear glow sticks, just don’t swallow them. Neon is okay too, even swallowed.
  7. Run with us, workout with us, play with us around the city until 8PM.
  8. After party with food, beer, prizes, and a DJ at Lululemon Harbor East. Mix all of these things together for one epic evening with the tribe.
  9. You should really #justshowup. There will be major FOMO if not.
  10. ^^ Did you read #9 and you’re still doubting? Use a lifeline and call a friend. He/She is going to tell you to come.
  11. See you then: https://www.facebook.com/events/441934682671640/
  12. hiss

PS enjoy the group photo from this morning. It was a great morning:


See you cats tomorrow night!
Syd “#CITYGLOW get up on me” VH

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