City Love (DCA)

Amongst the list of things we say daily because of November Project, one thing emerges to me as something that really helps to glue this community together. It stems from our various Friday workouts and goes something like this: ‘Have you been to…(whatever cool place)? It’s pretty dope.’

Those that haven’t decided to #JustShowUp yet may not understand. This exploration turned excitement about the city, seeing places you’ve never seen before, finding joy in every inch of concrete, steel, and green space, THIS is what helps make November Project what it is. Not only do we hold some locations near and dear to our hearts (as seen by the favorites this past December), but the experiences we enjoy from many of these places and the bonds we form with fellow NPers become stored in a special place in our hearts (e.g. Library of Congress, pouring rain, May 2014). Our city becomes something we enjoy. Our playground. Something we like. Are you listening? WE LOVE OUR CITY.

With that off my chest, here’s the alien abduction we escaped and all ANNOUNCEMENTS:

IMG_1015-1 copy

BUFFS: If you ordered a buff, they’re here. Come to Monday’s or Wednesday’s workout to claim yours. If you don’t, I’ll start adding them to my tube top collection.

ONE WEEK LEFT in the Instagram #InappropriatelyFast competition. Use this weekend/the rest of January to show the rest of the NP world how inappropriately fast DC is. .

Thinking ahead to The North Face Endurance Challenge Series (TNF ECSDC)? Check out some info here. NP is about to TAKE OVER.

If you’ve made it this far, comment on the FB post, tweet, instagram something you now do/say daily because of November Project. Use the hashtag #BCofNP #WeekendHomework

P.S. Did you hear we’re big in GERMANY??

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