Cinnamon Roll Snow Days (DEN)

Lets back up to Monday morning. 70 and Sunny– all right awesome. Monday afternoon, the so called “arctic bomb” hits the mile high city. The temperature drops a slightly noticeable 50 degrees and I don’t think its stopped snowing since. Fast forward to 5:30am this morning. I show up to the Capitol Steps, grassroots gear on my chest, grassroots gear on my back. Its dark and cold, definitely cold, and theres a soft blanket of snow on the ground. For the next 30 minutes, five of us run the steps together, all wearing weighted backpacks in honor of Veterans Day. I think about our record 118 people last week, and how many people will brave the cold and show up today with the sudden shock of cold. 6 oclock rolls around and the shadows begin to gather. 6:15, Dan calls the tribe in for a bounce- typical Wednesday. But on this cold morning, the tribe does not listen, they do not gather. The Tribe breaks into two groups with Dan and I somewhere in the middle, leaving us confused and starting to think that finally after one year of putting up with us, the Tribe has decided to pull full on mutiny and oust our asses. The two groups echo the quintessential November Project good morning chant. Still not sure what’s going on. Then, we are lead to two Adirondack chairs that appeared out of nowhere and given warm coffee. “Please sit,” they say, as they begin their own bounce and Woody breaks through with the explanation of the workout. Now it truly sets in—they are trying to kill us. Sitting in this cold is impossible- they are clever. But then we reach down into the party bag placed between the two chairs, only to find a hefty stack of cards bursting with sweet nothings from these incredibly gratuitous tribes peoples.

I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by so much love in our Denver tribe. I feel it every day, but today was a very special reminder. To quote co-founder Bojan Mandaric’s instagram from this morning (it looks like he got a bag of appreciation too), “People from November Project always tell me how NP changed their lives, what they don’t understand is how much they changed my life! BG and I are the richest dudes in Boston!” Now replace Bojan and BG with myself and Turboletti, and Boston with Denver, and I couldn’t have said it any better myself. It’s YOU guys. Everyone that makes the effort to set the alarms, everyone that shakes off the cold, and everyone that just shows up to make our community stronger and brighter, even when its 0 degrees outside.

This morning was the best example of what November Project truly is. Looking forward to 40s and sunny next week.

More love than you know, Molly

11/14 Flannel Friday 6:15A Governor’s Park (7th & Logan)

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