Check Your “Flattitude” at the Door

Flat Friday 2.0. You would think that a literal leveling of the playing field like the one we designed this morning would be a welcomed change to the every Friday intensity of San Francisco topography. You’d be wrong. Friday Flats caused some not to be ignored instances of what I’m referring to as “flattitude” amongst the ranks. Individuals and Tanteks alike took to the message board in stark opposition.

Capture 1

I had an inclination that the “incline-nation” would react this way, but I never expected it to be so severe. At least I knew that when times got tough, my co-leader Laura would have my back.


*Sigh* The good news is that if I ever need someone to lead a revolt, I think I know the right guy. The better news is that the workout was awesome. Even the rain couldn’t sully the fun we had around the giant sculptures by the beach, or the views of the Golden Gate, or the 5 dudes that decided to follow a still drunk Pete Kruse into the bay.


Enjoy your weekend friends!

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