Channelling my inner photog (YEG)

This morning I made it up and down our glorious Royal Glenora stairs a few times – felt the legs burn and the cold air deep in my lungs but I probably didn’t get in as many sets as most of you.

Today, I was channelling my inner Steven and Katie. I felt like a paparazzi blinding the you with my flash bulb, catching all you stars without makeup, sweating it out first thing in the morning. I even took a risk to sit along the rail to ensure that I would capture your fine form. I tried to pull a couple of Steven maneuvers today… capturing some shots while running through the high 5 gauntlet and capturing the post-group-photo hugs by holding my camera up high above my head but as you will see as you peruse through our FB album later today, they weren’t quite so successful…but trying counts right (I’ve been called a try-hard before and I’m okay with that).

The great thing about being the designated photog for the morning was that I got to actually see all of you this morning. It is so great to witness each of you pushing yourself beyond your perceived limits, some pushing themselves so hard after a Christmas hiatus that they actually lost their #stairsforbreakfast in the long grass…love it!! The plank “stair down” at the summit was great as well. Looking back at the pictures I think that some of you missed the instruction of uninterrupted eye contact during that 30 second plank. Don’t worry, we can work on that!

How about Friday? That sounds like a good day!

Meet at the 118 Ave Overpass for a special edition January Bridge Month workout (NO Walterdale this Friday)

WHS - comm. event - Fri

Until next time…SMILE! J

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