Channel Your Inner Fenway (BOS)

On my run home from the workout I thought about the #PositivityAward speech that I gave just ten minutes earlier. Could have I add anything else? Did I say too much?

Just to get you up to speed, today’s #PositivityAward went to Fenway Cain, a gorgeous black lab that’s been training with the tribe since his parents Jarod and Danielle introduced him to the tribe about a year ago. Recently, Fenway has been diagnosed with cancer and will have to have his leg removed to stop the progression. This morning was his last 4-legged run up the Summit ave so we gave him the #PositivityAward to wish him speedy recovery and a quick return to the tribe.

Going back to the award presentation speech and my question if I could have added something while presenting the legendary oar handle to Fenway… And the answer is yes. I wish I added one little piece of advice. Luckily we have this blog, so everything I forget to tell you in person I can do later on via your internet phones, computers, and tablets.

My advice is this… Next time you’re feeling down, things are not going your way, you’re dealing with very serious situation in any aspect of your life, channel your inner Fenway and look for support in your network of friends, family, and tribe (which is both). Fenway is lucky to have Jarod and Danielle who had him do all his favorite things before the surgery and will be loving and supportive all the way through his recovery. But Fenway is not the only lucky one in this world. We all have the tribe in our life, the tribe that would love to help out however they can. We just have to ask. Training since 2012 or new this week, this tribe belongs to all of us.

So next time the clouds are hovering over your head trying to bring you down, think of our boy Fenway and try to take up my advice, I promise the sun will eventually break through the clouds and cast perfect rays of light on us all. Sappy? I’d love for you to prove me right and then call all of this “sappy”.


DestinationDeck: On Monday, we’re at MIT. Please don’t be late! #WeekendEarned

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