Change is Coming (San Diego)

Yes, change is coming. And while change can be scary, it can also be necessary and good.

Many of you, and other citizens of San Diego, may not have realized that the Convention Center is not public property. It’s central location, iconic stairs, and frequent use by both individuals and groups like ourselves has helped make it a shining star on the map of San Diego.

The San Diego Convention Center instituted a new policy effective yesterday, May 6, 2015, regarding group fitness activities taking place on the outdoor terraces and stairs. The policy can be found here: In summary, the policy states that for all groups over 6 people proof of liability and insurance must be presented and a short term license agreement must be signed stating time, date, and specific location the group wishes to use.

After communicating with the proper people at the Convention Center, and providing them with a copy of our insurance/liability paperwork, the email I received this morning informed me of two things: there will be a fee of approximately $50 per day to use the stairs and terrace as well as an inability to accommodate our time request of 6:30-7:30AM on Wednesday mornings.

At November Project we are based on two founding principles, FREE fitness and community. We have never and will never forward a fee along to our members. From now until the end of time, our fitness will be free. We also strongly believe in making the community and city a better place through human connection, hugs, and sweat.

This decision from the Convention Center to institute a policy that inhibits (and in many cases prevents) the use of the Convention Center stairs by groups large and small goes against both of our founding principles. It is unfortunate that it appears the Convention Center values business and revenue over supporting the City of San Diego, it’s residents, and the health and fitness community.

So, YES, we will be moving our Wednesday locations. Where? We are still working on that part. What matters in this community is YOU, the members. Our location will be awesome, our workouts will continue to be difficult and rewarding, and our positive community and energy will continue to grow. World takeover will not stop.

I welcome any and all suggestions for a new permanent Wednesday location. Rack your brains: do you know anyone at a university or school with a stadium? Is there a hill or set of stairs in Balboa Park that you love to run? Get creative. You will be the first to know when we lock a new, amazing location into place. And, of course, nothing about our Mondays has changed.

While this experience has been frustrating and has not yielded the results we were all hoping for, I want to thank each one of you for voicing your support for November Project and the fitness community in San Diego. I want to remind you that we are built on positivity and love and to thank you for staying true to that and to your city.

So continue to BE HAPPY, BE STRONG, AND BE BRIGHT. November Project San Diego has an amazing future ahead!



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6 Replies to “Change is Coming (San Diego)”

  1. Balboa Park!  There’s everyone’s favorite last miles of AFC on 6th ave from the 5 to Laurel.  
    Another one is back behind the Hall of Champions that runs down to the amphitheater — it’s pretty short, but it’s steep.
    There are also the wooden stairs by Marston Point in the SW corner of the park that run down toward the trails along the 163 and back up, or the concrete switch backs on the NW end of the park that lead from Upas down to the bridge over the 163.  OR there’s the hill on Upas by Morley Field.  

    I’m sorry the Convention Center is being a major turd.  Balboa Park would be awesome.  Although they might have a permit situation, too … I hope not, but it’s probably worth checking out.  

  2. It sucks but I think we all knew it was going to happen sooner or later :/

    The top-piece of Mt. Soledad has stairs, a grassy area, benches, and plenty of parking…I don’t know if the gates are open at 6:29am though.

    I know Point Loma University has a track/stairs open to the public. 

  3. I also second Balboa Park. Plenty of parking as well. There is a good hill behind the dog park area that comes out just before the bridge (6th street side) and connects at the bottom to the main trail that runs along the 163. There’s also small sets of stairs in the Mission Bay/Beach park loop. I see lots of fitness and soccer/flag football groups in both places so my guess is that it’s open to groups using the space… 

    For stairs there is the La Mesa secret stairs-but they do go through a neighborhood so it would be “ninja style” to use them.
    Not sure if SDSU would allow an outside group but there’s a good set of stairs on the campus by the Aztec Rec center as well. 

  4. Hill St on Sunset Cliffs in Point Loma will make any person’s legs burn. The track is open at Point loma Nazarene but unfortunately there aren’t any stadiums.

  5. Thanks so much for the follow-up and the post LP!! You are amazing beyond words and we are so lucky to have you.

    We’ll find a place to spread our positivity, brightness, and happiness and they’ll be lucky to have us 🙂

  6. Lauren,

    The Convention Center remains open to working through your groups issues.  This past week was unavailable due to a client using the terraces for a morning breakfast.


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