Challenge within the challenge (YEG)

This morning we challenged you to complete 600 REPS in 25 minutes. Some finished all 600 reps in that time, some didn’t. It doesn’t really matter if you did or didn’t complete all 600 reps because regardless of what you hit today, you now have target for next time.

I completed the 600 REPS with 2 seconds to spare…I was doing speed jumping jacks at the end, racing the clock to fit all 100 reps in at the last second. Pushups are always a challenge for me…they are the first thing I start with because I have to spread those sets of 25 out (that’s how I break down that 100 rep count). This morning 2/3 0f my pushups were modified. Next time I will have at least half of those pushups be from my toes and I will not be scrambling right to the last second to fit in those jumping jacks. See…a new challenge within the challenge.

That’s what we strive to do each at every workout…provide you with a challenge that you can personalize and set your own goals to work towards. Maybe on Wednesday it will be to fit in one more section in Commonwealth or to double step half way up a section before moving to single steps. Maybe on Friday it will be to sprint the parking lot flat after the trail or to get to the top of the hill without any walking. Determine what you want to set as your personal challenge within the tribe challenge and then go for it! Share it with someone, aim to push yourself further then you think capable, and celebrate the growth, achievement, and sense of accomplishment when you hit that mark.

Looking forward to supporting & encouraging you as you challenge yourself Wednesday at Commonwealth Stadium – Gate 2 – 5:57AM

Until next time…SMILE! J


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