Challenge Accepted.


Mount Soledad rocked November Projects world this morning.  This place makes you feel on top of the world.  I kinda felt like Superman up there, like I could accomplish anything.  By the way flying would be real cool.  Also I was so cold I think I got frost bite, #weatherproof.  OK back to topic…. To accomplish something you need to set a goal, to set a goal means you are going to have to challenge yourself.  That is exactly what you all did this morning. Especially ya’ll who trekked up on foot!

Today we partnered up, worked together, went faster, raced harder, got stronger, chattered our teeth, acro yoga-ed and together became better.  It is easy to settle or get stuck in a rut with our training or simply just not push yourself.  That’s why we are lucky here at NP.  We have the strength of a whole tribe behind us.


It is the perfect time of year to start thinking of what you want to accomplish in this up coming new year.  I am challenging you to set a new goal for yourself.  And I am also challenging you to pick a another NPer and give them another challenge.  There are no parameters. GO! Reach higher. FLY!

Hit the snooze button;

  • Wednesday Balboa 6:29am
  • Next Monday is Sun Rise 6k at Crystal Pier 6:29am
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