Celebration Weekend! (YEG)

First off, I am a big fan of surprises. That statement does not flow into the rest of the blog but it needed to be out there.

As I pulled into Emily Murphy Park, it was blocked off. My initial thought was that they heard about the our shenanigans last week, and this was their way of telling us that we weren’t supposed to do that. So, after wall-sit intros and the starting tunnel, we were greeted with signs and a basket full of lemons cheering us on. And it kept getting better! After coming down the final step on the trail, we had to navigate through tent city (and yes, I thoroughly enjoyed waking up every single one of those people), and then practice our hops before starting it all over again. That in itself makes a pretty memorable morning.


Remember how I said I am a big fan of surprises, well I’m and even bigger fan of baked goods. Having donuts, cookies AND muffins there might have been over the top for me, but it seriously couldn’t get any better. THEN IT DID!

Our good friend Andrea and her crew gave a toast for our birthday, but the best part, is that Jen, Andrew and myself have had the pleasure to share our mornings with all of you. Some of you were there at the start, some of you started when it was -39, others started today, and while we knew none of you a year ago, we are all glad that you are part of the tribe. Yes, we were there in -39. We might force you to bounce and take photos that you want no part of, but when you just show up, you make yourself, the people beside you, this city stronger. We are the only Canadian city today, but the rest of the country has taken notice and is jealous of what you do. Ok, that’s enough sentimental stuff for a month.

Things happened at the end and I got to spray everyone with champagne. It was wild. I don’t think we setup the group photo, but I smell like an alcoholic and I’m fairly certain there’s champagne in my ear. People at work are giving me weird looks. I hope I don’t get fired today.

For those that don’t know, co-leader Andrew’s Sister (aka JEN) is getting married tomorrow, and we needed to tell everyone that. Also, if Jen changes her mind tomorrow, no one will be able to catch her because she can run forever.



Sunday, we’ll see you back at Emily Murphy Park at 1pm. The girls have been slaving away in my factory making sure that it is a wild afternoon.

Monday, we return to the Kinsmen park where it all began.

PS. Did I mention how much I love baked goods?

PPS. Did we just recruit someone to pledge in their hometown in the middle of our workout?

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  1. Finally me talking to randoms as they run by has come in handy! Ottawa is a great place for a second November Project in Canada! The guys said he had chills as we were getting our drinks and donuts. I’m hope it was the atmosphere and not the champagne. What a great morning! Thanks lulu lemon for the surprise and all the support! And to Nadim, Jen, and Andrew thank you for all that you do!!

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