PSA: YEARBOOK PHOTOS 2016 are coming SOON (end of May/June). Thankfully Co-Leader Nadim from NP Canada (Edmonton) wrote a nice blog post explaining the importance of great YEARBOOK PHOTOs / Workout Photos: Calling all tribe members! Thanks, Nadim!


Okay. Now the other good stuff.

5.11.2016 The day David Blackstock Finally Showed the Fuck Up! Look at that face, definitely having ZERO fun. Guy looks miserable. I’m sure he’s smiling on the inside or something.


Today we started by playing a few ranging games of sharks and minnows, then raced up and down hills/stairs through the Fog, ANDplayed egg toss (no real egg were harmed in the egg toss*)


Would you like me to tell you a story? Yes? Okay well then keep reading.

When Bob showed up to the workout he began telling a story about his other responsibilities in life (Wife, Child, Work, etc). He began talking about how his wife complains about his Wednesday morning workout friends (sounds like jealously to me). She asks him questions like:

Are you going to wake up really early tomorrow?

Are you going to get really fit while I just sleep in?

How and when did you become a morning person?

What is her name!? Why do you wear a cape sometimes?

That’s it. You are NOT going to your early workout thing tomorrow.

…. An early morning Baby Crying at 0330 saved the day…

Ok, you’re going to go workout now, aren’t you? Fine. Go have fun with your stupid workout friends.

…. The only proper response from Bob: “Hey! Don’t talk about my tribe like that.”

I loved the story. It made me laugh and think about all the Significant Others out there who just don’t understand November Project.

FYI ***Bob’s name was changed to protect his identity***One more thing. Some, if not all, of the questions above are completely made up.

See you all next Wednesday and remember 615AM! Don’t be late!

Love, Red

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