Jas-on more like Jas-GONE (DC)

Uh-oh. It’s 2019 and people are still breaking verbals. In case there’s any confusion, when you tell someone, and that “someone” happens to be Steve Christensen, that you’re going to be at November Project, you best make sure to be at November Project.

Jason, Jason, Jason. What happened, dude?! We understand, people are still trying to get into the groove of the new year, and it can be hard. But in case you haven’t heard, there’s a really good place where all your friends go for accountability (see: NPDC M/W/F workouts). read more

We Missed You, Brent (YEG)

This may be the first one we’ve done in 2018. But we managed to get a broken verbal. This one almost got away from us, but we are getting it done just in time. Today’s writeup comes from our good Aidan, or, Oatmeal, as I always remember him by (feel free to ask him about the nickname).

Brent is always leading people up the hill and looking so good doing it. If he is not doing that he is making sure the NP babies are ok. He has also been known to throw out some kisses mid workout to inspire everyone to work harder and love harder. But on Friday Brent wasn’t there.  read more

Rebecca, Your Bridge Misses You

About a year and a half ago, we abandoned the Randall’s Island Footbridge as a repeating workout location. There are reasons, and it has brought on a lot of positives to this group, but that is not what this is about.

Rebecca LOVED the bridge, I hear about it all the time from her, “Rob, I miss the bridge. Can we bring back bridge day?” “Why don’t we do the bridge anymore?” In true Let Them Eat Cake form, we hosted a workout at the Randall’s Island Footbridge.
read more

We’ll Miss You Jeremy & We Missed You Red (VB)

We all know Jeremy as an incredible, fast AF, community motivator, and all around kick ass dude. You’ll see him on Tuesday nights leading the masses as an inspiring co-leader of The North End Run Club and then a few hours later he can be found flying around Mt. Trashmore in his speedy tights and Nike Trail gear.  This guy has been a staple of our #freefitness community for a long time, and sadly this Friday will be his last workout with NP Virginia Beach. He heads off to NC next week to spread his love for all things fast and community with the people of Charlotte. We’ll miss you Jeremy, but we will see you again soon friend! read more

Not So Weatherproof

To be… or not to be weatherproof? That is the question.

VERBALS were dropped, but the whole following through part… that’s another story. I’ll tell you what though, the weather being crazy… that wasn’t a question. It was raining, AND snowing, AND the wind was a-whippin! Thats just gravy for us though because we EMBRACE those elements, well, most of us… read more

Is it just me.. or are my legs going to be hungover tomorrow – YWG

Winnipeg Notes:

  • Winter clothing donation
  • Friday November 16th – LAST OUTDOOR FRIDAY
  • FAFFBMH (can’t figure this out..? keep reading)
  • Positivity Award goes to….

When you wake up tomorrow morning, and wonder why it is that you feel like you’ve been hit by a semi truck..just remember about that beautiful bridge that links the Forks to St-Boniface and reminisce about the fact that you lunged there yesterday morning..and ..oh yeah..then waited in various forms of squats until the leaders said to partner up. The shortest of the pair was to run to the end of the bridge and back towards their bear-crawling partner and switch until you both make it back to the Forks. I’m giving myself full bragging rights about being the best and fastest bear-crawler out there! I’m fully open to a challenge, if anyone is up to it. We also did some other stuff that I’m not going to tell you about …cuz FOMO. read more

NYC Marathon Weekend Comes to a Close

Hi All,

As I sit back and reflect on the crazy (yet amazingly fun) weekend, I just wanted to express how grateful we as leaders are, for all of you and how special you make it. Marathon weekend comes with a lot of anxiety for the leaders. There are a lot of events going on. We need to advertise a lot, we need to make sure that everything is awesome – especially because there are usually other leaders around, and it seems like nearly an endless stream of events from start to finish. People come out of the woodwork for the NYC Marathon, and it is both exciting and nerve wracking, energizing and exhausting; but through all the stress and planning, this is still our favorite weekend of the year thanks to all of you. read more

Everything you need to know for this week’s Chicago Marathon (Chicago)

Are you joining us for this year’s Chicago Marathon? Coming in early? Staying a day after?  Hooray! We can’t wait to have you!

If you are looking for everything there is to do in Chicago while you’re here, you’ve come to the right place for the full agenda.

(Note: if any of these event links don’t work, please join our social page and that should resolve the issue. If you are just looking for the race spreadsheet, it can be found here.) read more

Just Show Up… and Show Out

This blog post is brought to you by November Project Atlanta tribe member Allison Lerer… she’s a hype lady. Always there to help out a tribe member in need, checking in with regular texts if she knows you’ve had a rough week, cheering you on at a race. Here she is!

So when I was asked to write a blog post for November Project Atlanta, it was pretty nerve-racking for me as I am not much for writing and blogging (this is my first blog). However, after my race yesterday I was inspired on a different level that I wanted to share with whoever reads this. read more

Crusty Crespo, where art thou? (DCA)

Folks, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: NP is all about accountability. To your friends, to the group at large, to yourself. Sadly, Dave “Well Dressed (but clearly not well-awake)” Crespo did not get that message this AM, letting down his loyal friends Rach and Joe and hundreds of others who enjoyed a glorious workout at Dupont Circle less than a mile from his residence. We’ll let Rach and Joe take it from here… read more