Love Means Nothing in Tennis, but Everything at NP.

Love Means Nothing in Tennis, but Everything at NP

As far as weekdays go, Wednesday, you’re alright. I used to think of Wednesday only as “hump” day, or the middle of the week. Now, Wednesday’s mean one thing: November Project. It’s safe to say Wednesdays have been taken to another level.

While the one-and-only Jackie Knoll brings the free fitness game to the EU, we decided to mix things up by leveraging the talent already in our awesome tribe. Yes, that’s right, today was week one of #guestcoleading and it started off with a bang with Coach Steven at the helm. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have been known to cringe at Coach Steven’s workouts. They aren’t to be taken lightly. read more

Hola Amigos!

¡Hola amigos!

I miss you guys like crazy. I 100% freaked out on Scotty and basically begged him to catch up with me on a bi-weekly basis because I was missing you all. Luckily, Scott agreed (because he is one of the nicest people ever). So, just know that I am keeping tabs on all of you.

In addition to the bi-weekly chats with Scott, I am also going to be starting a nomad branch of the NP Phoenix tribe next week. I had the opportunity to go to a vision board workshop the other day at the coworking space I work out of here in Valencia. Almost all of the people in the group talked about how they were lacking the motivation to work out and before I knew it, I had volunteered myself to start up a work out group. It will be like having a piece of home with me and make me feel a bit more like myself! Whenever possible (location permitting) I am going to try and keep the Wednesday workouts as close as I can to what you will be doing at home. Maybe I’ll even post a few teasers in the Cactus Lounge.

Aside from that, Scotty and I just wanted to bring to your attention that this Saturday is Global Climbing Day. It is the perfect excuse to get out there and try climbing if you have never tried it or to dust off your old gear and get back after it. The movement was created by The North Face with the intention of encouraging more people to climb and to change the conversation regarding walls. TNF believes that walls aren’t meant to divide, but rather they are meant to bring people together, build trust, and push us further. As their campaign says – WALLS ARE MEANT FOR CLIMBING 🙂

On Global Climbing Day (8-18-18), TNF is giving people the chance to climb for free at participating gyms around the world. Unfortunately, there are no participating gyms in Arizona or in Spain; however, we wanted you to be aware of it in the event you wanted to support the initiative and get out and climb this weekend anyway. So grab your friends and get out there!

Last, but not least super pumped to see what “Coach Steven” comes up with for his workout. I am jealous I can’t be there. Please make sure you make it if you an to support your tribemates!

Love you. Miss You.




NovemBern Contest

Dear November Project Universe, the time has come for another NP Homework, and this one is going to be stellar. It involves bicyles, the great outdoors, painted #GrassrootsGear shirts, and of course, awards for the best submissions. This year, our friends from Bern Unlimited will reward 10 of the funniest, silliest, most creative, or as we call it “The X-factor’est”, submissions from around the world with Bern Helmet of the winner’s choosing. To be selected in the exclusive group of 10, you have to follow the rules below:

Post a photo on Instagram between Monday, August 6th, and Monday, August 13th. Photos posted after midnight EST on August 13, will not be considered eligible.

You must:

  1. Be wearing #GrassrootsGear
  2. Have a bicycle somewhere in the picture
  3. Be Outside (spin bikes will not work, sorry Casey Winkler)
  4. Tag @novemberproject @bernunlimited #NovemBern #StayOutThere

Phone filters that alter photo color, brightness, etc are allowed. Tools that can add or remove items that are not in the original photo (photoshop or bunny nose/ear filters) are not.

The winners will be selected by the panel of esteemed judges, whose identity shall remain anonymous to prevent any attempts at meddling. Our 10 winning photos will be posted on @novemberproject Instagram on August 16 and the winners will post photos with their Bern Helmets after they arrive.

So folks, get out, get on your bikes, and get creative. As of right now, the NovemBern week is officially open.

PASSING OF THE TORCH: By Jimmy Webb Jr. and Manuel Gonzales


by Manuel Gonzales and Jimmy Webb Jr.


Great things come and go, but legacies last eternity. Dallas in its own unique way is an amazing place with people from all over the world. I’m not going to lie when I moved here on the 29th Day of April 2014 I was sad. I was sad to leave Boston. I was sad leaving everything I had to a city I knew nothing about (Dallas). Like any other place I’ve lived in, I fully emerged myself in the New England culture. I ate lobster rolls, steak tips, Fenway brats, and even bought Patriot’s, Redsox, Bruins, and Celtics gear (Big Deal for this sports fan). Moving to Dallas was a big step for me and I didn’t even know it. I tried my luck at finding a community all over town and it didn’t happen. I had a realization that what I was looking for didn’t exist in Dallas. When I started WERUNBIG there was only a handful of people in my Dallas contact list and with that, I knew I had a challenge ahead of me. On week two of WERUNBIGD I met a dude, this dude’s name was Jimmy Webb Jr, this is his story…



This was one of those “moments.” You know, the good stuff. The stuff you remember. First time driving a car, first kiss, first class in college (or maybe you don’t remember that one… lol)This was the first time I think my boy Manny really realized he was handing over his baby to someone else. No, not the lady killer everyone knows as “Jett.” I’m talking about November Project: Dallas Chapter. You see, I met Manny the 2nd time he ever did a WeRunBigD workout – what would eventually become the NPDAL we know and love today. I saw a pic of week 1 on The Gram so I messaged him and said “what’s this?” In what I soon realized to be typical Manny fashion, he replied “#JustShowUp” Initial reaction… “who the fuck is this guy?” Second reaction… typing “ok I’m there.” To which I was immediately schooled on what a “verbal” was. So I meet Manny, shirtless Manny, and about 30 others on Ford Stadium at SMU with a couple friendgirls I brought who were marveling at the massive wings tattooed on his back. I must say it’s pretty impressive. I proceed to beast the stairs with some time to kill and get to know Manny while everyone finished up. This marked the beginning of one of the coolest friendships I’ve ever had. I mean this guy had people carry me 100 yards on my birthday 3 months in to knowing me… I’ll NEVER forget that. I’ve sweat with Manny countless times, I’ve crushed too many stairs to count with Manny, I’ve even bled my own blood in front of Manny… that’s a crazy story and got the scar to prove it!


WeRunBigD (pre-NP title) fluctuates in numbers over the next 3 years and somewhere in the middle, this rambunctious little speedster named Tywon comes out! Tywon… has spunk. The smiles are never ending, the encouragement is constant, and the Tywon-Selfie thrives!

The Tywon Selfie


We grow, we fall, we grow some more, we fall some more, on and on… and on. I remember a post workout picture where there was… well it was only Manny in the pic, with the caption “The Tribe is Strong.” Then… 30 people… then 50… then 74 when the goal was 75 lol… then 105 people!!! Then Brogan comes out to officially officialize us… aaaand I was in SF lol. Got a crazy story with Josh out in SF though… so that kind of makes up for it I guess? Not really though lol. read more

Exciting New Direction

Over the last six and a half years, the co-founders of November Project, Bojan & Brogan, have been expanding the movement while it continues to grow organically through passionate and dedicated volunteer leadership, weatherproof workouts, and supportive communities, all at the cost of zero dollars. But with expansion comes evolution and November Project is proud to announce the next chapter of the movement, as a nonprofit organization. This year, with the support of everyone in our community, the structure of November Project (NP) will be one that involves more than simply two co-founders.

The goal of NP as a free fitness movement will remain the same. At our future and existing
locations around the world, we will continue to work hard at cultivating a culture of inclusivity, and will never stop proving that fun, fierce, free, and efficient morning workouts have the power to positively change the places we live in. The new arm of the NP nonprofit is one which we are incredibly excited about. We aim to use the spirit of NP to host our first community outreach plan that aims specifically at youth. After all, the NP rulebook for accountability, human connection, intense fitness, and support for all fitness levels could make an even larger impact if we use these tools to train a younger generation, creating healthy habits from an early age.

Financial resources to support the efforts of the NP nonprofit, the ongoing movement, and to keep great humans in the NP family at an organizational level, will come from personal
donations, grants, in-kind donations, and strategic partnerships. One of those partners, The North Face, has been powering November Project movement for the last three years and will continue to support NP at a global level through access to outdoor training gear, storytelling via various media outlets, leadership gatherings, and the annual November Project Summit. NP will pursue other partnership that will broaden the opportunities to bring free fitness to more people, but The North Face will remain the exclusive apparel, footwear, and equipment partner, and just like the last three years in this partnership, will be the reason November Project is able to continue the growth. Details on how you can directly support (aside from just showing up) will be revealed in the weeks to come.

The November Project team and the Board of Directors are ecstatic to progress this movement into the nonprofit space and set even bigger goals to achieve in the years to come. Hold onto your hats, folks, it’s about to get even crazier!

The Long and Winding Road

He woke to the sound of traffic floating through his open window. He could feel each passing car deep within his skull. They were angry at each other for the inconvenience that comes with living in the suburbs and commuting to the city. And, whether they knew it, they were angry at him for his sins. Each honk of a horn reverberated off of the backs of his eyeballs, each squeal of the brakes sent a shudder up his spine.

The clock read 5:37. He was going to be late, and the lipstick-red block numbers grinned mockingly. He pulled off the sheets and got out of bed. You move slowly after this long in the business. She rustled slightly, unhappy with the disturbance, but continued to snore softly. He turned to study her face for a moment, hoping it would jog his brain and help pull her name from deep within his memory. But it didn’t. It never did.

He fumbled with his clothes, the smell of latex and whiskey filling his nose. Ah, so it was one of those nights. He much preferred the botanical scent of gin – it reminded him of where he grew up – and besides, gin never led him down the dark path like whiskey. He was lucky to have even made it home last night.

“Good morning.” He started at the sound of her voice, having expected to have to leave a note, as was his standard procedure. She was beautiful, and he imagined that in some other life she would’ve inspired a Beatles song. But if she was Patty Boyd, then he was Eleanor Rigby.

“Are you good?” he stumbled on the words, unsure she could even hear him. His voice was gravely, and would have offended his younger self. “Don’t,” she cut in pointedly. “I had fun.” He stood there, dumbfounded, his shirt in his hands as she eased out of his bed and into her dress. Its coral color perfectly complimented her honey skin, and he was surprised to feel a twinge of disappointment at her imminent departure. They looked at one another for a brief moment, and he considered asking if he could see her again. He probably would anyway: at the same dingy cocktail lounge, or maybe the karaoke bar uptown that served $2 you-call-its on Thursday nights. It was always the same people who seemed to frequent those places. It would be awkward unless they were a few drinks in; hell, it probably would be regardless. But she turned swiftly, gathered her belongings, and walked to the door. “Wait,” he stopped her. “Before you go. I…” She shook her head, and he watched another one walk out of his life.

The soft click of the door latch hit him like a kettle bell to the chest. He stood in the entryway, staring at the door, his bag in one hand – stencils, spray paint, playing cards, notebook with exercises written across its yellowed pages– his boom box in another. He absentmindedly focused on the rhythmic tick, tick, tick of the clock, counting down the remaining seconds of this existence. Finally, after what seemed like an hour, he opened the door to leave his claustrophobic apartment. His work was almost done, and to his surprise, his lips slowly turned up into a bittersweet smile. He walked out into the last leg in the journey toward his new life.

Fah Who Foraze

I don’t even know where to begin with regard to today’s workout. Perhaps describing the actual workout itself would be nice; or the smiling, bouncing faces that dotted the trails surrounding the buttes, awash in golden sunshine. But I should first probably address the stencil situation over the past two weeks.

My bad. We were supposed to tag some rainbows in celebration of PRIDE last week. I had everything together: stencils, gloves, masks, towels… I even knew that I had the right colors (ROYGBV) among my cache, so I didn’t need to look the night before. Meg even asked me to double-check, but in my hubris I wouldn’t hear it. “YES WE HAVE ALL OF THE COLORS I CHECKED NOW STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT,” I shouted at her, the words dripping with insolence. But Wednesday morning had other ideas, its sinister, Cheshiresque grin peering out from the shadows. I woke up, launched myself out of my bed, and floated down the stairs and to the garage. The cabinet doors, anticipating my arrival, creaked open as I approached. I flung them open to find… two colors. Two FUCKING colors – red and blue – and not a whole lot else. I deflated like a dancing tube guy from a shady car dealership, a defeated man trudging his way to a now less-awesome workout. I wasn’t going to make the same mistake this week, loading six fresh cans into the car last night and ensuring we had the full monty this morning so Jeremy could bang out some tremendous #grassrootsgear.

WI Notes

  • Let it be known that July 4 (our 3-YEAR ANNIVERSARY) is on a Wednesday. You actually won’t want to miss this, the BIGGEST EVENT of the year. Stay tuned for further details.
  • Everyone needs to find and call-out someone who should #justshowup soon. Email us at with a link to a Facebook/IG/LinkdIn profile and/or a photo. We’ve got a fun idea for a future workout that might just be the tipping point.
  • As always, NPSUMMIT6 will be off the chain this year. Important deets: September 14-16 at The North Face Endurance Challenge Series Wisconsin (~45 min outside of Milwaukee). Check it out here.
  • read more


    We celebrated the Persian New Year today, and have asked Ahmad to round out his guest leader duties by writing a blog. Here it is.


    Before we get to Ahmad, an IMPORTANT REMINDER: next Wednesday is #sunrise6k. Meet at the West Buttes lot south of the amphitheater, NOT the amphitheater itself. Ok onto the good stuff. -Ed. read more

    It was SUPER day.

    While all PR days are pretty spectacular, yesterday’s was SUPER 😉

    While trying not to literally run over the many photographers that had come out to Papago to take pictures of the “super blue blood moon” total eclipse, I was reminded how lucky we are to have such a cool workout location.

    I’m going to assume that these photographers thought to themselves: “Where can I go in the valley that would get me super cool shots of this blood moon?” And then found themselves at Papago Park. I’m also going to assume they had NO IDEA that they would be watching the total eclipse to a sweet early 2000s playlist with 60 total strangers.

    Unlike those photographers, I was happy to get to share the moment with you guys. It was a nice moment when everyone running in from the parking lot stopped to take in the moment together. Even nicer still that we got to share the moment with more parking lot runners as the photographers stole the closer parking spots.

    Word is that this won’t happen again until 2037 so if you missed it – You missed it. So maybe you should just always show up to NP so you don’t miss out again.



    • Annie and Andrew (by mere seconds over Jason) took home the Bolo Ties with the most reps (in the fastest time).
    • Monday’s hill workout will be at MOFO. 36th Street and Lincoln.



    Peace, love and cacti,