The First Pony Express

Today was awesome.

It was #NP_PHX ‘s first PR workout and EVERYONE absolutely crushed it.

I thought for sure it would be a ghost town this morning as it was well into the 90s by sunrise and schools started up again this week, but again the tribe proved me wrong. I don’t know why it hasn’t gotten through my thick skull that this group is CRAZY #weatherproof and isn’t even the least bit phased by excessive heat warnings or threats of being late to class. read more

What’s In A Name?

The tribe has spoken: The Saguaro needs a name.

It has been decided that the Saguaro will be named after a famous Arizonan, native or transplant, that has done our state proud. We’ve narrowed down the huge (HUGE) list of super awesome people that have called Arizona home down to four categories- a suns legend, a politician, an outlaw, and an Olympian. And from that, one finalist from each category. read more

The Desert Giants

When we were “brainstorming” ideas for our tribe’s tag there were lots of great ideas to chose from. Luckily for us there are several iconic images that could represent state forty-eight. Yep, that’s right. Arizona was the last of the contiguous states to be admitted to the Union, which is a cool claim to fame, but not a great tag. read more

The November Project Summit Weekend #NPSUMMIT

The 3rd Annual November Project Summit is coming! To keep it mixed up in location, to stay connected to the best, most fun race series, the Endurance Challenge by The North Face, and to hopefully build a new tribe while we’re at it, we’ve selected Park City Utah as our location. You’ll want to sign up your teams, book your rooms/campsites, and plan your travel now. If you making this trip, or considering making this your first summit experience, please consider the following: read more

“Oh…people will come”

This morning one of my patients at the hospital was watching the movie Field of Dreams. I walked into his room during the scene where Ray and Terence Mann are just standing there dumbfounded as the baseball players are just coming out of the cornfields in droves to play at the field that Ray built. I couldn’t help but laugh because my brother and I had shared an almost identical moment this morning as we stood there in amazement at the number of new faces that just continued to roll into the parking lot and take off toward the stairs. read more

Phoenix Rising

Well hello there.

While the majority of you are all across the country and jumping for joy over the thought of summer, we here in Phoenix cringe at the very idea of it. The entire city becomes a ghost town in the summer time. And yes…there are actually tumbleweeds blowing across our deserted streets. The “snow birds” flock away, the baseball stadiums are boarded up, and the golf clubs are left strewn across the streets because they will melt your hand off if you attempt to touch them. It’s a dry heat, but it’s no joke. read more