A day in the life of an Ottawa NP’er

10:05pm Tuesday night, bed time, I’m pumped for tomorrow. I have to wake up in less than 8 hrs. Good thing I’m sleeping in my workout clothes, gives me an extra 2.5minutes of sleep.

3:30am Am I late? Did I miss it? Okay got back to sleep.

5:45am alarm goes off

5:46am alarm goes off

5:47am alarm goes off read more

The Sounds of #NPSUMMIT Weekend

This email serves as a pre-thanks to the two DJ’s who are going to be holding it down for the NPSUMMIT. Number one is local legend Laura Ingles of Boston. Number two is new-kid-on-the-block and Co-Leader of November Project Virginia Beach Barry Clark. Laura will host the rise & shine beatdown inside the Harvard Stadium that will open the weekend early Friday morning and Barry will bring down the house at The Lawn On D Street on Saturday night, which will close the weekend. If you’re thinking, “I don’t know much about all of this that you speak of, this “N..P.. Summit” and I really wish I could click here and find out more details.” I hope that you go back and click there. If you already know what’s up, continue onward/below. read more

From struggling to #justshowup to #FOMO

We had a whirlwind of a workout this morning on the Parliament Hill that created many bonding opportunities for us as a tribe.  We asked Fauve to share her own experience as a new comer to Ottawa and the recipient of the Positivity Award.

I recently moved from Vancouver to Ottawa. The interesting part about a move like that is its ability to conjure up a whirlwind of emotions, from the optimism and excitement of the unknown to the fear and doubt. I definitely experienced all of that…and then some. After struggling through the roller-coaster of emotions for months on my own, I finally got the courage to join a local run club (Ottawa City Run Club). read more

Here’s to YOU, sweet, sweet number 52

Sometimes it’s hard to choose those special moments of the morning because there are so many, and many we may not even hear about, but we hope they are shared between tribe members or with friends, family and colleagues after the morning’s events. Some notable special moments include visitors from the November Project family from Winnipeg and Worcester! Ready for tags, bringing home their new Ottawa city tags and bringing so much wonderful energy from their home tribe. We love learning from them and welcoming them to our community. What we find so neat about this is it reminds us about the community outside our community in Ottawa. When you know that across the globe, a whole group of people are getting out of their beds bright and early to step outside of their comfort zones and get a little silly and sweaty too, you feel a connection that is bigger than just your city and within your tribe. When you are traveling, you can look up the November Project tribe and expect some kind of variation of a bounce, hugs, high fives and smiles, no matter where you show up. read more

2017 NP5UMMIT Party

Lawn on D
Photo by Architect Magazine

This is the blog post you’ve been looking forward to since the announcement was made that the 5th annual November Project Summit #NP5UMMIT is going down in Boston, MA. The weekend will start off with the stair workout at the iconic Harvard Stadium, followed by some serious trail racing at the North Face Endurance Challengeat Wachusett Mountain, and will commence with the most epic social of the year! I know, the word “epic” is overused in describing anything from fun to exciting, but if you’ve been NPSUMMIT4.0 you know what I’m talking about (even if you haven’t been you know what I’m talking about.) read more


 And like that no more rain.  Instead we saw a downpour of excited, ready to roll tribe members run, jog and walk their way up to the Centennial Flame.  Our home turf, our sweet, sweaty spot on the Parliament Hill of Canada.  These grounds are now the home of November Project Ottawa. We roared in our bounce as old and new members alike cheered and beamed as we chanted. To make our morning even brighter 26 balloons for birthday celebrations that were inspired by November Project Canada floated colourfully in the sunshine.   This morning we welcomed the seasoned tribe member, along with some first timers who were throwing out some verbals. Our morning included having tribe members dedicate their time to show their spray painting artistic talents #thankyoufauve.  Lesson learned 2 spray paint cans is not enough for the eager Ottawa November Project tribe members. It was pretty spectacular to try to keep with our new member, Brody (age 7).  We loved seeing the variety of ages and continue to welcome every age and every fitness level.  It’s hard to put into words the exact feeling and emotions that fall upon you in the span of 31 minutes but here are some of our words that we use to describe this electric energy that is being revamped each and every Wednesday. In no particular order; Mindblowing: no definition required Beyond Belief: aka you need to come and experience this shit for yourself Extraordinary Feats: Members goal crushing and kicking ass in intense and insanely fun workouts Supercali=&0=&licious=&1=&adocious: Taken right from Mary Poppins herself, these Wednesday mornings are no joke but definitely bring out some laughs. So here’s to conquering another Wednesday and let the countdown begin until next Wednesday when we all get to meet again on the hill for our First Official November Project PR day. Here’s to brining soles together. ANNOUNCEMENTS:

  • Friday, May 12th at 8pm:  Arts & Crafts & Social Night at Westboro Clocktower #bringyourartsupplies i.e.. scissors, markers, cardboard and glue
  • NP Summit June 9th – 11th in Boston. More details https://november-project.com/2017-npsummit-location-details-boston-june-9-11/
  • read more

    The Inauguration 

    There are not many words that can describe the raw emotions of Wednesday’s events in becoming the 37th city to join November Project. The fact that Bojan so casually strolled up to the centennial flame and stood among our tribe (or should we say towered over) as a regular weekly member, left us jaw-dropped. There were literally no words. With only a Facetime date planned with our amazing mentor Jen Ference post-workout for a quick check-in, it was just going to be another fun and exciting 6:29am workout on the hill. read more

    When cities collide – Guest blog by Work it YOW [MTL]


    • The first edition of the Mtl vs Ott Fit Off was a banging success. Duh.
    • Guest blog by the lovely folk of Work it YOW.
    • Be there Wednesday.

    Below are the beautiful sentiments of Work it YOW (Ottawa’s killer pledge tribe) on the afternoon of sweaty loving and good times that was shared.

    “There has been so much excitement building up to this weekend’s fit off. What an awesome way to spend a Sunday meeting friends cross-provinces. We finally got those people out who aren’t tough enough for 6:29am start time. Luckily for them, they got to experience what it’s like to be #weatherproof– after three days of sunny and hot weather, the November Project Gods had to put us in our place and remember what we’re all about. So thank you for that. Those newbies got to experience what it’s like to be kinda badass. And was this group ever badass. I think there was more time spent on the ground with wet bums. on hands racing fearlessly for the retrieval of tennis balls during hungry hippos. Partner baseball diamond sprints rounding the bases got us sweating. Huckle buckle created tight relationships and hips-in opportunities or connecting less than comfortable body parts together with strangers. read more

    #NPSUMMIT Location & Details (Boston – June 9-11)

    5SUMMIT Logo w: Dates

    The 5th Annual November Project Summit, the weekend-long party/race/training/homecoming event that wraps in all of the tribes from around the planet into one city, will take place in Boston, MA on the weekend of June 9th-11th around the newly added The North Face Endurance Challenge Massachusetts trail race. Use the code NPINDV25 for a 25% discount on your individual entry. At this point, our main NP event of the weekend, the Marathon Relay, is sold out, giving us room to tackle new distances for those of you who are ready OR join the family mob high above the start/finish line at the first ever Summit Cheer Station (details below in Saturday). If you’re new to this event, you’ll see that there are racing events from 5K all the way up to 50K and we encourage you to sign up for whichever one fits your liking. read more