All the info

Alrighty y’all, here is the 411 on what is happening:

Friday – Melanie and Lily Buttons are babysitting the crew while Kait and I are up in Seattle. Friday’s workout is at 6am on the beach in Santa Monica. The theme is Dirty Dancing and you will need to bring a watermelon to the workout. I was at Ralph’s last night and they had personal size melons 4 for $5, or big ass melons for .33¢/lb. read more

NPSUMMIT 2019 – Las Vegas – Rock N Roll

November Project Members working out at NPSummit

Below you’ll find the information about our annual gathering of all members and Co-Leaders from all over the world – #NPSUMMIT in Las Vegas, November 15-18. Being less than one month away please keep visiting this link as we will update more and more until we see you. Also, follow the main Instagram & Twitter accounts throughout the weekend for reminders and updates.


Friday – Travel day.
Saturday Workout 6:29AM – Las Vegas City Hall – Please arrive between 6-6:20AM. Workout will begin at 6:29AM sharp – No shirts will be painted during the workout (see “Post Workout” right below). We understand you’re most likely racing at Rock N Roll, but please move your body with us. Standing around is NOT the way to kick off this weekend. There is a coffee shop with a bathroom within a block of the meeting place.

THE BUS Saturday Post Workout / 8AM Depart City Hall read more

Guest Blog: Love, Joel (LAX)

Today’s blog comes from Joel Callen, our social guru, the only individual I know who can navigate the local public transportation, and one of the most bubbly individuals I know out here. He also is a huge fan of Love, Simon. If you didn’t know that, now you know.



NP Homework – Runaround

The time has come for another NP Homework brought to you by our friends at Knockaround and this one has a pretty sweet prize for the most creative submission! But before we get to that, let’s talk about:

Theme. “Runaround”. What does Runaround meant to you? Running fast? Running slow? Running in place? Running in circles? Running solo? Or with friends? There are no right or wrong answers so show us what you got! Runaround.

Rules. To enter the contest, post a photo to Instagram and make sure to tag @knockaround @novemberproject and use hashtag #NPKnocks. In your photo, you must be wearing a pair of Knockaround sunglasses. Bonus points for #GrassrootsGear. You’ll be judged on creativity, fun, humor, x-factor, and authenticity so photoshop or other photo altering software will not be allowed. If your Instagram account is private make sure you open it to the public otherwise we won’t be able to see your submission.

What if you don’t have a pair of Knockaround sunglasses? This weekend only go to and with code NPKNOCKS receive 35% OFF your entire order. The sale kicks off at midnight EST Friday and will end at midnight PST Sunday, June 2.

Timeline. We’ll be accepting submissions starting Saturday, June 1 and going all the way through Friday, June 21. Our friends at Knockaround will pick 6 favorites, which will be hosted on their website for the world to vote on. The voting will start on Sunday, June 23 and will end Friday, June 28. The photo with the most votes will be named a winner and officially announced Sunday, June 30th.

The Prize. A trip for one person to November Project Summit in Las Vegas, NV (flight and hotel) + a different pair of Knockaround sunglasses for every NP workout week for a full year (52 pairs of sunglasses)! Incredible, right!?

So get your creative hats on and start cranking those homeworks out.

LAX Scheduling

TonightNP LAX Monthly mixer at Clifton’s. Arrive anytime after 730pm. Get to know a little bit more about all of your new friends!

June 5th – Next Wednesday is Global Running Day and also when we will be doing Pride tagging! We will be meeting by the Greek for the workout. Bring a white shirt to get tagged! read more

Guest Blog: Positive Vibes (LAX)

Another week and another awesome blog from the group. Today we’re sharing a bit from Carla, one of our 5:30 folks who has been coming regularly since August 2017. Carla, take it away!

I was really trying to come up with a clever way to start this blog. But each time I typed something, it sounded more and more corny. So, like I’ve been doing almost every Wednesday at 5:30a since Aug 2017, I told myself to JUST SHOW UP; nothing fancy required. read more

Guest Blog: A Selfish LAX Love Letter

Today we said so long, farewell, come back soon to James who now has me crying and laughing simultaneously at this blog. James, take it away.


Warmth. Sillyness. Occasional exercise. NPLAX.

If you haven’t met me, I’m the British one that spends too much time with the dogs, enjoys giving Kaitlin irritating sweaty hugs and usually has smokin’ hot glasses. read more

Guest Blog (LAX): Finding your team as an Adult

This week we’ve got a great blog lined up from John Asante! Haven’t had a chance to talk to him at a workout? Well, say hi next time! In fact, at every workout, try to say hi to someone you haven’t seen before or talked to before.

Alright, here’s John to share with us John’s story. read more

Guest Blog: Oh the Written Word (LAX)

The written word is truly a powerful thing. I still believe that print media lives in some manner and thanks to our November Project blog in the little corner of the world wide web, our written word remains. Today and hopefully in the weeks to come, we’re going to be sharing some stories from folks – from them and about them. No prompt was provided, which makes this even better. I don’t know about y’all but I love talking to people at workouts, outside of workouts, and I also love learning more about personalities and what makes us unique. Join in, follow along, drop a line, and #justshowup. read more

A Peek Under The Hood

November Project Members embrace at Pre-Boston-Marathon workout

In the past few weeks, we’ve made an announcement about adding new sponsors to the global November Project family. We also stated that November Project will start accepting donations as we are now a non-profit organization. Since then we have received requests for more details regarding how we will allocate the funds donated. Hopefully, the following breakdown will help answer those questions:

Leadership Support and Training:

Our leaders are our most important assets. Their willingness to selflessly wake up before dawn and lead workouts is the only reason that this movement keeps growing and prospering. It’s vital to us that we continue to provide them with support and resources so they can continue to excel in leading their city. One way we do that is by connecting them with other leaders at our annual gathering we call the Meeting Of the Minds, or MOM for short. At MOM, the leaders have the opportunity to share stories, learn from each other’s successes and failures, and foster relationships that transcend geographical boundaries and time zones. We discuss everything under the leadership umbrella such as creative ways to recruit new members, how we can improve inclusivity, ways to plan an efficient workout, as well as addressing ‘Corporate’ topics with strategic decisions that we at NP HQ are working on. We also bring in specialists who have a unique perspective on diversity and inclusion to challenge us to shift paradigms. And even though the hashtag #safetythird has seen its fair share of usage on social media channels, we take the safety of our members very seriously and offer CPR certification classes to every co-leader interested.

Day-To-Day Operations:

November Project, Inc. has two full-time employees, Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric, and one part-time contributor, Laura Green. This trio is in charge of all non-workout leading operations including, but not limited to, designing and executing NP strategy, planning and operating an annual budget, communicating with leaders, growing the new and existing NP locations, and collaborating with our sponsors, partners, and local communities. As we move into this new space, the job description is now expanding into the growth of the non-profit/youth program and fundraising that may require bringing on more hands on deck.

Administrative Cost:

And finally, the not-so-sexy yet extremely valuable tools associated with administrative duties which include website hosting and maintenance, accounting, legal expertise and compliance, mailing, and printing, just to name a few.

We hope this gives you a more transparent view on how your donations are used to grow the movement we all love and appreciate. If you’re interested in supporting November Project, click here.