It’s All About Celsius, Meters, And Eh’s Up In Here

by Laura

You guys ready for a love filled blog post? Because I’m about to drop words like “adore”, “appreciate”, and “fornicate”…wait what? Nevermind. Just ignore this entire blog post. Skip right over it. Nothing to see here, carry on, carry on! Laura got egged in the head yesterday in the middle of her work day. Then today she tagged shirts in the freezing cold and breathed in the fumes. Combine that with the closet full of cold medication she is taking and you have a winning blog post full of nonsense and love. Are you honestly still reading this? It’s like watching a car crash. Imagine what it feels like to be writing it. Holy shit, she is still writing. How could she possibly have anything else to *not* write about? The tribe came out in the biggest numbers yet. On one of the coldest days of the year. Gosh, darn it, I love you people. read more

Twas The Morning Before Thanksgiving and YEG was Talking To The Hand

by Bojan

“It’s raining”… so what? It’s water, not nails.
“This storm is gonna create a major clusterfuck down East Coast for holiday travelers”… oh well, at least we’re not living in Edmonton (Oooohhh no he ditn).
“My photo didn’t make it into the facebook album”… sit in the front row of the group shot and it will. Unless it’s raining in which case camera stays at home and you can take a selfie.
“BG went to left coast to rub neon spandex with people whose 6:30am comes 3 hours later than yours”… Fuck that guy and his long legs that make him run fast. read more

Edmonton Breaks The New Record, Rest Of The Tribe Shivers in Awe!

by Nadim

It’s not even PR day, but we really wanted to hulk smash some records and make history. We must have been inspired by Monday’s history lesson. We didn’t just set a TR (Tribe record), but we set an NPR (November Project Record) today. We have a thing called Badges of Honour for those who brave the cold. We earned our -10 badge last week and today, we decided to skip the -20 badge, and go straight to -30. 45 people who scoffed at Old Man Winter and earned themselves the -30 Badge of Honour. Since we haven’t found a way to transfer frozen paint onto shirts yet, you will have to wait to get them, but we know who you are, and we are damn proud of you. read more

November 13. A Day In The World Of NP

by Jessie

Holy Balls…or lack of em! The San Diego women showed up in full force this morning ready for some Hump Day action. Let me tell you, our three fearless men were not complaining! … note to the men of SD – it’s yoga pants season – and all the fun girls workout at 6:30am on Wednesdays…but Dave, Chase and Kev won’t tell you that! The ante was upped today with running farther, jumping higher, practicing for plank challenges, and an accidental excess of baby Sebastians…and we loved it! In preparation for The Final Hump, NPSD has initiated a Midget Hump to cap off all workouts and get y’all super speedy and ready to tackle then end of month..times to be posted! Keep spreadin the love SD, it’s great to see this tribe grow…so many hugs!!!!! read more

World Takeover Leaps to the Cover of @RunnersWorld Magazine

BOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The cover story for the December issue of Runner’s World is nearly 100% November Project and 400% real! It’s been spotted now in the hands of November Project members in all seven locations and, as of yesterday, at least one airport bookstore near you. As much as this RW tale highlights the Boston experience it’s important to know that we, as a seven-city mob, are growing fast in all the right ways. Getting this type of recap of who we are and what we stand for is huge… giant… no, its… its… it’s unlike anything we’ve seen in our 2 year lifespan. Today’s post captures all seven tribes enjoying the love from Runner’s World and their inside scoop. Open wide and make room for this power-hype burrito of WEDNESDAY love-sauce coming your way! The tribe is seemingly taking over. read more

Happy Birthday To Us!

Two years, boys and girls… Two years of sweaty hugs, high-medium-and-low fives, F-bombs, dirty shirts, soggy butts, scraped shins, and we wouldn’t do it any other way. In last 730 days we managed to debunk the myth of the existence of a “morning person”, attract attention of local, national and international media, make it on the cover of one of the most prominent magazines on the planet, turn couch potatoes into marathoners, awkward shakers into huggers, help folks accomplish and exceed their fitness goals, see our members get engaged during the workout, and throw some serious parties… read more

The Tribe Does The Halloween Thing

by Nadim

Some special guests raced with us this morning. Spiderman and Superman came to “run” stairs, but I’m pretty sure that one of them flew, and the other swung his way to the top. Performance Enhancing Costumes? The lumberjacks showed up and made “friends” with the ballerinas and the Egyptian ice dancers. Is there even ice in Egypt? The skeletons, monsters, wolves, dinos and the people-with-lots-of-makeup-on chased everyone who wasn’t costumed as they ran for their lives. Thankfully, an elder norseman protected us all, including the cats, bunnies, wolves, and for some reason, the referees. read more


by Brogan “BG” Graham

Today we woke up in Boston and did a workout. We call this triple-beast the #RobotMan3. The 5:30AM group was killer and the 6:30AM group was killer-awesome. We had some birthdays (video below) and we had some company. The vibe this morning was different as we felt the fresh faces down in DC training with us and the other 5 tribes preparing to rise and shine. read more

Positivity Award @Nov_Project


The team vibe that we’ve all created at November Project is key for rough workouts, harsh weather, and when we’re feeling like we could have used those extra hours of sleep. We need to continue to boost one another with positive comments, high5’s, and sometimes a simple pat on the back. read more