Today was the best day we’ve had in the hills in November Project history. “Why was it the best day we’ve had in the hills in November Project history,” you may be asking. Well, let us explain… For starters, we had over ten brand new members trying their best to tackle all 5 trips up and down Summit Ave hill. Runners, rowers, yogi types, cross fitters, cyclists and the everyday racers came out to test their stuff on this sunny Friday morning. We had folks who were visiting Boston for only one day and November Project is how they chose to kicked off their Beantown stay – love it. We had two dogs who brought their human owners out for a little exercise. The four legged creatures may have tried to bite each others faces off, make out, and simply sniff butts during the workout – it was a great scene. read more


For those of you who have been November Project members since the early spring, you may have started noticing that our tribe is growing at an awesome pace. The exciting part is that the growth is taking place in both quality and quantity. This new community is 100% due to the word of mouth recruiting that you all are doing on a regular basis. By cutting and pasting this blog link, remaining active on our Facebook page, adding in on Twitter, sharing photos via Instagram, planning your workout attire on Pinterest, and the many other forms of social media, the energetic words that started as a small whisper are getting louder each week and November Project is naturally bringing on more racers. As you know, more racers will help to fill in the gaps between athletes in our workouts. This filled out pack will push us all harder and help us trim time as a… here it comes… as a team. Please keep up the recruiting and bring our #grassroots #community more good people and beastly racers. read more

Dogs Run Hills Too

Today was a historic day for November Project. For the first time in our long and eventful existence we had a canine workout participant. His name is Jackson and him and his human friend Sarah were rocking the Summit Ave Hill pretty hard this morning and they were not alone. Aside from the regular familiar faces we were excited to see a contingent of new peeps. They all did masterful job going for it while the pre-thunder-storm 90% humidity wasn’t making things easy. Check out everyones results in the table below. Proud of you all! read more


As you can tell by the cover photo we’ve started a tradition. After each workout, we’re going to try to take a group photo (if there’s camera on hand) @nov_project style. What’s @nov_project style? Straight face, straight back, old school cowboy feel to go hand in hand with #grassroots #community movement that’s been spreading around the Boston like a wildfire. It’s going to be AMAZING! read more

What are YOU training for?

Saturday, June 25th in Worcester, MA your November Project co-founders took on the 16th Annual Big Man Run. What is the Big Man Run? Glad you asked. Its a road race for only big dudes (190lbs+). Not only that, over the sun-soaked, hilly, 4 mile course, you are required to stop in three different bars to eat one hot dog and chug one beer before continuing on. There is a weigh-in, tons of bands, lots of trash talking, and Harpoon beers to follow. Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric took 1st and 6th overall and proudly represented November Project. Before the race a woman that drops haikus for living noticed our shirts and said, “November Project! Hey, you guys are the Boston group that runs the stairs on Wednesdays, right?” BOOM! With that comment and our overall results, we left Worcester and headed to the beach with a gut full of crap, feeling very badass. read more

#community drives competition

For many of us, Summit Ave is a place we know we can go train and we know we can get fit if we continue coming back for more. The hill is a beast and it’s also very accessible from most locations here in Boston. Local runners and cyclists can be seen here every morning of the week to train their climbing gear. In the Greater Boston area, we’d take this hill as one of the best stretches of road to train on. Like Northeastern Athletic Department’s Chris Marshal said today after his fifth and final pass, “Beacon Hill has nothing on Summit Ave.” read more

Happy Summer Solstice

Happy longest day of the year, folks! This morning we had our friend Silas Dunham, coming from SumoSkinny.com to do a video feature on our @nov_project tribe. SumoSkinny.com is an online magazine for young people that want to stay current with the newest trends and local events. We’re jazzed about the visit and can’t believe that he banged out the amazing video in only few hours. Silas you’re the man, and that fixie is pretty sweet. read more

This is the best feeling…

That’s the sentence that came out of Sara’s mouth as she finished her last set of the day. And we agree. There is nothing like the sense of self-acomplishment that you get after completing really challenging workout early in the morning while most of Boston is still in bed. And what a workout it was… 5 times .4 miles up and down the hill, for the total of 4 miles of running. read more

Soldiers in the Rain


From Brighton to East Arlington, Cambridge to Beacon Hill, #novemberproject had members bounding out of bed to drive, walk, Hubway, run, and race their way to our Wednesday regular in Allston – The Harvard Stadium “Tour.” Our turnout was as strong as we’ve ever had and hope that your positivity will build for Friday and again next week. read more

What is this Summit Ave nonsense?

Kay at the bottom of her 3rd set. Hill behind her looks pretty serious

Good morning friends and happy Friday! We started our day with some good ol’ hill sprinting up the Summit Ave. A lot of folks still don’t know what that means so we’ll do our best to explain.

Summit avenue is a street that goes up Corey hill in Brookline, MA. Bottom to top distance is little under 1/2 mile (.4 miles to be exact) of steepness and pain. Gradient varies from hard (~7%-8%) to my lungs are burning (~15%-16%) and it takes us anywhere from 3-4 minutes on average to get up there. Below is the gradient chart borrowed from MapMyRun website that illustrates the elevation. All that purple means that this hill is pretty serious. read more