New Names

Dear November Project folks, please accept our sincere apologies for not doing our weekly after-the-stadium-feature last Wednesday. Official November Project pet gold fish – Stairs – died and we had to attend the funeral. Everyone knows that cemeteries usually have weak WiFi connection so banging out the blog post wasn’t an option. Also doing it on Thursday wasn’t gonna happen because everyone knows that Thursday is not Wednesday and that’s the way it should be. Now we are getting a sturdier pet, like pet rock or stick fish, so attending pet funerals hopefully wont be in our foreseeable future. read more

Misty, humid, awesome…

This morning the troops came in ready to work. We were extremely excited to see Rube Weeks come back and go for it. This is the dude that aside from having naturally large biceps doesn’t workout all that much. Seeing him tackle stairs is inspiration to the whole November Project movement.

November Project doing stadiums regardless of conditions

Larry O’Tool, the president and CEO of Gentle Giant Moving Company made his return to Wednesday sessions after missing couple of weeks. If I told you that Larry is a 6’6″, 240 lbs guy that went 35:38 for 37 sections, you would think much about it. What if I told you that Larry is also 61 years young? Did your mind explode all over the screen? Larry also talks a lot of smack and we love him for it. read more

PR Pizza

Rain, snow, clouds, sun… who cares, we’re doing stadiums regardless of the weather conditions. This morning we had some big name visitors like Rube Weeks representing Olympia moving and always awesome Laura Mac. After few jokes and laughs we had a special trophy presentation for excellence, commitment and support to November Project as well as breaking 30 minutes for a round of 37 sections on the first try. Sara K. Wild dominated her first ever round of 37 in the time of 28:50 and this morning she improved her time by over a minute in very good 27:28 (times are not official). This inspirational performance was rewarded by inaugural “PR Pizza” trophy that Sara will proudly keep on display at her desk at New Balance headquarters – or she’ll just polish that pie for lunch. read more

November Project™ – Open to Public

It’s official folks – we’re open for business. The two man show of Brogan and Bojan decided that after 6 months of anonymity open their doors to November Project™ movement. You can expect to run in the sun, rain, or snow. You will do pushups/sit-ups/pull-ups at the Charles river stations regardless in dark or light. You will storm the concrete steps of Harvard stadium as long as it’s safe for everyone involved and you’ll have a blast doing it. What are the benefits? Meeting awesome new like-minded people. Having fun while most of the Boston is asleep. Geting in the best physical shape that money can’t buy – because it’s free! read more