What. A. Morning.

Holy shit.

We’re all back. It’s been two long years and well, we’re right back at it.

Commonwealth. #stadiumstairsforbreakfast

How did that feel? How are your legs almost 12 hours later? You good? You smiling? You enjoyed the sunshine hitting the stadium stairs?

So…. I thought I’d be nervous this morning. read more

Happy 5 Years (Ottawa)

Five years ago yesterday November Project Ottawa had our first workout as an official “November Project” group! It was a beautiful day, not unlike today, the sun was shining, and a group of happy soles came together for 31 mins of free fitness. It wasn’t all that different from the week before it, except now we had three things – a new name (previously we were known as Work It YOW), the official November Project stencils to tag our shirts with, and the Positivity Award. Today, it was my honour to present the PA to Barbara who has been part of our community for several years now, and who always brings an open mind and open heart to all that she does. She did a wonderful job leading us in a fun and creative birthday party workout this morning! read more

What a Week (YEG)

Back off the heels of vacation this week is going to be something special. The return to commonwealth and a kick ass event on Friday with Steven. As much fun as I was having gallivanting through Europe I still couldn’t help but miss this group. I am happy for the trip’s adventures and I equally happy to be back too 🙂 This blog is going to be kinda short because honestly the jet lag is making me want to go to bed at 8pm every night haha. So rapid fire bullet form blog 3, 2, 1, go: read more

It’s been over 2 years!


Guess what?

Our Royal Glenora stair training is coming to an end for the season!



It’s time to get back to Commonwealth Stadium!!!!!

It’s been two long “seasons of light” away from a place that brings us so much joy and showcases our collective badassery. read more

Community = YOU

Something kinda cool happened for me this morning.

This has happened all along with NP (in any city) but today, it really hit me.

Seeing friends that have been #justshowingup since early days huffing and puffing alongside friends who have been #justshowingup since the covid comeback was pretty cool.

This always brings me back to something Nadim has shared with me many times over (and I’d love to hear it many more times actually). read more

Use the Force (Ottawa)

Scrolling through social media after this morning’s workout, it warmed my Star Wars loving heart to see that many other NP cities also took advantage of May the Fourth landing on a Wednesday this year. My feed was filled with themed workouts, puns, movie quotes, and a few costumes from cities far, far away.  read more

Wet bum

So not what you think….


It was a damp kind of morning for hands, backs and yes, bums.

I don’t think a single one of us cared though. It was a bit warmer and a bit lighter.

Smiles were flowing freely, by my count.

That big hill I remembered, towards the dove, was a lot bigger a few years ago. It definitely looks like some work happened there over the past few years. I’m glad one of you decided to push past the dove to the actual hill behind it. Haha. read more

“Why Isn’t EVERYONE Coming To This??”

Good Question, Gina!

Why ISN’T everyone coming to this? 

We think it’s pretty great and fun and we get a good workout. 

We get to meet like minded people, people who bring something new to the table, loud people, quiet, all different sorts of people with a couple things in common – Fitness and Community.  read more

Shaping our Collective Story

Happy Friday friends! Way to crush it out there today. The sun today made me very happy. I left hills today with a giant smile on my face.

Enough from me though.

We’re got our friend, Steven Csorba, sharing some thoughts with us today. Take a read.

Living my story hasn’t been easy, so everyday that I get to “breathe” is special. It makes me feel alive. read more

ABC’s: May Day, May Day! Fun Times Ahead!


Broad Street Cheer Station

The Broad Street Run is Back on Track! WOOO!!! This year November Project Philly will be cheering at mile 8 located at Broad and Jackson on the runners right (west side). If you are racing, let us know by dropping your name in this Google Doc. Otherwise, we would love for you to join us in bringing the hype between 8 and 11am. Post race gathering and photo will take place at Chickie’s and Pete’s. read more