Boston Marathon Week 2021 (BOS)

It’s been a long 18-ish months since the last time the Boston Marathon happened and you wouldn’t be alone if you were still both pinching yourself to see if it’s truly happening…and also mentally/emotionally preparing yourself for it to get cancelled sometime in this last week before it’s scheduled to run on October 11, 2021. read more

A familiar chill in the air

Did you feel it this morning? That chill?

We’ve been through this many times before- the familiar season of darkness and cold. The time when we get to see our #weatherproofness on full display.

Well not just yet. But we know it’s coming.

It didn’t take long for us to strip that top layer off though huh? Climbing those stairs gets hot pretty quickly. read more

PR Day: In The Books (Ottawa)

Well, well, well… another PR day in the books! Since have yet to see a copy of the aforementioned ”books”, we figured we’d start our own and include all of the wonderful words of wisdom overheard each PR day.

Please read on for Chapter 1: Let’s Go Legs!

The sun is barely starting to rise. A determined group of local NPers gravitates towards the stadium and prepares themselves for what’s ahead. They ask themselves, “why do I do this to myself?” and contemplate the reality that awaits them on the other side. They approach the gate; the nerves, excitement and anticipation grow steadily. They think of everything they know they can accomplish. They also think about bagels. The gate is locked. The moment is quite anti-climactic and no one is able to enter the stadium. This is awkward. Oh, okay. Someone arrives at 6:30. Damn. I mean, phew. …Andd away they go! read more

So long, September showers. Hello October in… (Toronto)

NP Toronto at the end of the scrabble workout

Rain, mosquitoes, but plenty of fun! Our month of workouts at Riverdale Park East was definitely an adventure and it was fun to workout in a new space. How were those hills? Now that October is around the corner, we’re excited to let you know that we’ll be venturing out to the west end of the city this time to Trinity Bellwoods Park! Our workouts will be at Trinity Bellwoods Park for the month of October, beginning on Wednesday, Oct. 6. We’ll meet at the gates/entrance to the park (near Queen Street and Strachan Avenue). read more

“The Knockaround” Contest, Ends October 8th

Grand Prize: $3,000 visa gift card used for whatever you’d like – Maybe for #NPSUMMIT expenses(?). OK, just wanted to throw that out there first. Now, the details…

We’re in the final week the contest in collaboration with our friends at Knockaround. What is this contest? Well, it’s an opportunity to be forever immortalized in November Project history!  read more

It’s been a year

And what a year it’s been!

I officially said “yes” to being a NP Canada co-leader on September 11 last year and Rob dropped the news to y’all a few weeks later. So, sometime around now is a good moment to take pause and look back at the last year.

Well for starters, most of the fears/hang ups I had are not a thing anymore. They were: read more

We’ve got a LOT going on, and we want you to be a part of all of the fun!

Hello PVD!

We’re looking at October with excitement, so we wanted to get you all the information you need in one place!  Scroll down for a calendar of events, but here are the details!

First things first: We’re encouraging masks before and after our workouts – so as you arrive, during the bounce, during the photo, and leaving.  Please help our community continue to stay safe and mitigate the spread of germs, especially as we head into the cooler weather.

PR Day is here!  PR day is BY FAR your favorite workout, according to the survey we sent out this summer.  To accommodate as many people as possible, we’re offering 5:27 AM and 6:27 AM start times for this workout.  See ya at the State House!

-We’ve got a field trip coming up!  We’ll head up to Keene, NH to join Swanzey Keene Fit Project for their Saturday workout on October 2.  They start at 7:59 and it takes about two hours from PVD.  Please meet in the Whole Foods parking lot (on North Main) so the carpool/caravan can leave as close to 5:30 AM as possible.  Bring a shirt!  Facebook event here if that’s your jam.

-Up next, the Boston Marathon!  For those volunteering on Marathon Monday, October 11, we can carpool up from the Whole Foods parking lot (on North Main Street in Providence) leaving promptly for 5:00 AM.  Official volunteer details went out via the Boston Athletic Association and a Facebook event can be found here.

Hell Week is coming!  Join us and bring all of your friends.  FIVE days of FABULOUS workouts.  Here’s a rundown.  Bring a shirt as you’ll receive a piece of a super cool tag each day.  If you plan on attending all five days, we can tag your shirt, in total, on the Friday.

Monday = Sunrise 6K.  5:27 AM.  We’ll meet near the fountain in Lippitt Park then head over to the start location on the Boulevard together.

Tuesday = Guest leader!  Stay tuned on our social pages for more details but this workout will be somewhere in Providence at 5:27 AM.

Wednesday = RI State House Shenanigans. 5:27 AND/OR 6:27 AM.  Join us for our usual dose of free fitness at our favorite spot.

Thursday = Yoga.  5:27 AM.  Temple to Music, Roger Williams Park.  Please bring a yoga mat and/or towel for this one.

Friday = Providence Pedestrian Bridge.  5:27 AM.  You’re not going to want to miss this one, in one of our newest favorite spots in the city.  You can use Plant City in your GPS and there is street parking all along South Water Street (free at our early o’clock workout time).

We’ll also have a social on the Friday evening, at 6:00 PM.  Can you tell we love PVD?  Details on the social forthcoming.

And here’s a handy calendar to keep all the dates organized.  If any questions, please reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram!

Going with the flow (YEG)

If you comment on someone’s crop top and he hands you one at the end of a workout how can you not put it on! This is a thought process I did not expect to deal with when my alarm woke me up this morning. Why not go with the flow, I thought, let’s have some fun and be a little silly at 6am. Maybe adhering to the mantra of going with the flow will also lead you to crop tops, maybe it will lead to ice cream, or maybe it will lead you to joining a workout for the first time. Daniel #JustShowedUp for the first time this morning and he crushed the stairs! “I was looking to fill a cardio day,” safe to say the mission was accomplished haha. read more