Casual Times

Today was all about working hard and chilling harder. BG and I came early to put in the workout, test out the new cross-country detour, and murder-whisper few mediocre jokes before people showed up for a 6:30am start. And it all went really well! Workout had us sweating within first two minutes of a downhill, cross-country detour was ground breaking and jokes couldn’t be more average. We topped it off with beach chairs, umbrella-ella-ella-ella (now you’re stuck singing that song for the rest of the day – you’re welcome), and whicker hats.

The tribe seemed to enjoy the cross-country spice and the casual scene developing on top of the hill. Birthday celebrations seem to be getting weirder and weirder so to four of our birthday ladies BOOM Birthday!

Our fastest 4 finishers (boys and girls) from todays workout will receive something at our #DestinationDeck location on Monday. We will meet at Blackstone Square in the South End. Be there at 6:28am. Remember this is a run-deck-run workout. So run there, do the workout, run home.

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Details about our #BetterThanBedtime2 event will be coming soon. All you have to know for now is that it’s happening on August 4th. In the meantime drink hydrating liquids, take care of your body, stay cool, you just earned your weekend!|

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  1. Any idea how long the grassy knoll part was? I didn’t use GPS or map my run but I did keep track of time and was curious to figure out how I did.

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