Cards and Planks and Buddies… Oh My

It is officially that time of year when November Project rises as the sun is hitting the snooze button for another 30 minutes of sleep. The Chicago Tribe doesn’t know the meaning of the snooze button on Wednesday mornings. Blurry eyed and wearing more layers then we have been used to these past few months, Chi-Town showed up with old and quite a few new faces alike. Fearless Leader Andy got us hopping, hugging, and running to the field!

First up was a deck workout. Awaiting us in the center of the field was a festive circle of cards with offerings of shed layers in the middle. You pull a card, you do the work. Red number card? Burpees. Black number card? Get on those high-knee jump squats. If you see a pretty face (on a card, we know there are many) grab a buddy, put your heads together (literally) and do 10 push ups. Congratulate each other on your work with a high five at the top of each.

Oh wait, you pulled an ace? Find a buddy. Now sprint like the wind to one edge of the field.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get crazier than head-banging, high fiving push ups and people randomly yelling “wind sprints?!” and “push up buddy?!” things got crazier. We ran a spritely half a loop around the field, and then lined up in two rows in the plank position. What were we doing? Human Hurdles. Thats right, get those knees up ladies and gents because we don’t want to kick anyone at 7:10am. Don’t worry, no one was harmed in the making or doing of this workout.


Congratulations to our one and only Albert, the worthy recipient of the Positivity Award this morning. We love seeing his dashing smile and experiencing is unwaveringly positive attitude each week. Well done Bonnie. To our fearless and unstoppable Erin, we are thinking of you and hope you are feeling better. We can’t wait to see you back out there, and we hope its soon.

Next week is our October PR Day, and the workout before Halloween! You know what that means. You better come dressed to impress, and ready to push yourself.

Have a great Wednesday everyone. The Tribe is Strong.


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