Capitol Punishment (DEN)

530 deadbeats
530 deadbeats


  • On this day in history:
    • 1896 – First modern Olympic games held in Athens after being banned 1500 years earlier by some a-hole named Emperor Theodosius I.  We’ll call him Dickhead Ted.
    • 1776 – Congress votes to open all US ports to international trade to parts of the world not under British rule.  Because the King and Queen ain’t all that and a bag of lightly salted baked-not-fried-organically grown sweet potato chips.
    • 2016 – #NP5280 tribe members ran, bounded, tripped, and stumbled up and down the Capitol building stairs without knowing if there was an end in sight.  


A funny thing happened during the workout today

As tribespersons hopped, and skipped, and ran their way.

A man stopped by to advise with a grin,

“This doesn’t look like fun, it looks like SIN!”


He went off to count beans, check boxes, sell weed

Not knowing what strength there lie in our steed

We said adios and bid him adieu

“We don’t need your kind sir!  Nuh-uh, not you!”


And so we continued with our steed in training

Sweat beads were rolling, muscles were straining

With more and more shouts of “Alright, on the line!”

Came the faint whimper of little souls crying.


Teeth were gnashed and pain was doled out

As Capitol Punishment scampered about.

So quick it began, that the end was near

They called “Last Rep!” to shouts of cheer.


Then off like a shot, up, down, and around

Tribespeople ran all over the ground.

Much to their delight, the workout was done,

Pushed so hard, this isn’t sin, it’s FUN!


So happy they were, the tribe, now faster

No longer the slave, now the master

Of this bitch of a thing, as rough as it went.

This paradoxical morn of Capitol Punishment.



615 Knockarounds
615 Knockarounds

You ALL crushed it today!  That shit was HARD, but #thisshitisgood!


Major Woody


Friday 530/615 @Union Station – maps and pinned locations in Thursday’s hype post, stay tuned!






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