Capital City Cleanup

We wrestle with the balance of the fun/sweat/puke potential of a lot of our Monday workouts because frankly we just throw shit out there and hope it works… Well the boys do, Jen is pretty organized.  Today the balance swung way over to the “do good” category as we cleaned up our winter home around the Royal Glenora stairs taking part in The City of Edmonton’s Capital City Cleanup campaign.  I love this program because it’s so simple, take care of your backyard and have pride in your home.  We use this beautiful city as our playground & gym and I put a huge importance on having respect for its natural beauty.  As we found out this morning, not everyone finds the appropriate recycle or trash bin and everything from bras to shopping carts was found around the area.  I’m not sure how much sweat was produced from today’s workout… but I hope it made everyone feel proud of being a part of something positive today.  I promise to make up for the lack of sweat today at Commonwealth on Wednesday!  Bring everyone you know!

 IMG_8756 IMG_8755 IMG_8754 IMG_8753 IMG_8751

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