Can’t Get Enough Monday – Boston 8.27.18

People who don’t know much about November Project but who know me well enough to know it’s something I do sometimes ask me, “so…what did you do this morning?  And it’s just so early.  Is it really worth it?”

I’m never sure whether everyone believes me, but I find it really hard to say anything other than OF COURSE IT’S WORTH IT!  I can’t get enough Mondays.  I love Wednesday at the stadium and Friday at Summit Ave.  But there’s something so special–so completely unique about Monday mornings all over this city.  Even if you don’t love Boston as much as I do, you’d have to be fighting pretty hard to not fall in love with our city if you spend your Monday mornings navigating and winding through its streets, searching out and sometimes mistakenly finding little shortcuts, and exploring your way to the Destination Deck workouts we throw out week after week. 

This morning we met up at the top of Mission Hill, in the Kevin W. Fitzgerald Park, which had a dope view of the city and the sunrise.  And yeah, it’s true, you can find a sunrise view from a lot of different places in every city.  But that view, with those early morning smiles, high fives, hugs, and the kind of really-hard-but-still-really-fun kind of fitness, is NOT like any of those other places or other cities.  There is something special about what happens every Monday morning and that is precisely why I can’t get enough of them–each one is unique and one-of-a-kind and I hate missing them because it’ll never happen again just like that. 

We stole borrowed a giant construction cone for the center piece of our workout, and everyone spread out in a circle from there to the outer sidewalk of the park.  We did repeats of the following laps: run out/ run in, bear crawl out/ crab walk in, reverse lunge out/ bunny hop in.  If you didn’t know before what it’s like to feel the burn in your shoulders, quads, calves, glutes, and triceps, you did after this morning. 

We wrapped up with a burnout by doing sprints down the winding path in the park to the bottom of the big staircase and back up the stairs, then down again to the mid-way point of the stairs and back up, and down to the highest point of the stairs and back up–on repeat for 7 minutes.  Needless to say, sweat and grassy-wet was a strong theme of the morning.

And here’s one of the really important things I think everyone needs to know about Mondays.  When you don’t go to them, maybe you don’t get sweaty and grassy-wet, or maybe you get your sweat on other ways.  But you do not have the same feeling mid-afternoon on a Monday when you didn’t go to the NP workout.  You might think back to this morning and simply wonder how it got to be Monday afternoon already or why you’re so tired, even after the weekend.  But when you went to the workout–wherever it is, and whatever we did Monday morning–you find yourself mid-afternoon remembering the fun/weird/dirty/sweaty/community-building shit we did and smiling to yourself.  You find yourself remembering how you ran or biked through the city to find that spot you’d never been to before.  And you realize that there is, there really is something special about starting the week with NP on Mondays.  That’s exactly why I can’t get enough of them.  It makes me more excited for Wednesday and it makes it feel like Friday wasn’t that far back in time. 

Monday is a spark of energy, of excitement, of community, of adventure, of fitness and of FUN that the world needs more of. 

We’re gonna keep having Mondays in life–and NP is going to keep having #destinationdeck workouts to make life better. Every. Single. Week. #nomatterwhat  Keep spreading the word about them and keep showing up. 


  1. we put the stolen cone back in the construction zone.
  2. WEDNESDAY is the last day of #FROGUST.  Come ready to PR your face off.
  3. #GRASSROOTSGEAR tagging will also happen on Wednesday (the last Wednesday of the month).  Bring light-colored (not black) shirts/tops to get tagged.  (We only use black paint so it doesn’t show up on black shirts.)
  4. If you want to help with #paintcrew for tagging shirts, contact me (Emily) directly on Facebook (Emily Saul) or IG (@emilysaulboston)
  5. FRIDAY is the annual pool party in Grace & Micah’s pool at the end of the hills workout. Don’t miss that workout!!
  6. NP_SUMMIT 6.0 is coming very very soon.  If you still don’t know what’s up–READ THIS BLOGThis event really is for everyone, old-time members, brand new members, coleaders, friends, strangers and everyone else too!  Read about it and consider showing up.  Get there and be a part of one of the best weekends of the whole darn year–even though it’s in Wisconsin.  It’s worth the travel and the adventure.  Ask anyone who’s been before, it’s one of the very best ways to build friendships and strengthen connections within the NP community. 
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2 Replies to “Can’t Get Enough Monday – Boston 8.27.18”

  1. Hi. I’ll be in Boston (visiting from Des Moines) this Thursday, 8/30. Do you workout on Thursdays or just Mondays and Wednesdays? And when is your meetup time? I haven’t been able to determine your schedule. We’re planning to run the Harvard Stadium.

    1. Hi Frank, we have workouts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week. We meet at 6:30am, so if you’re still here for Friday, meet us at the top of Summit Ave. in Brookline at 6:30am for the workout. If you’re only here Thursday then you’ll get to enjoy the stadium but without the tribe!

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