#CanOfWorkouts (NYC)

In NYC we had a special visitor.  His name is Chris…….nah.  His name is CanofSpaghetti.  He is Instafamous WORLDWIDE.  So our workout was basically the same.  It was a #CanOfWorkouts.  We started off with a traditional #DestinationDeck workout, followed by lunges, followed by squats, followed by #Bojans.  Just pulling everything we had out of the can for today.  To describe the workout would be like describing how a nuclear reaction works to someone who just got hit in the head by a flying pig.  You just had to be there to really feel what happened today.  These amazing people got there and the energy was apparent.  We even helped out a little lady who was doing our entire workout but was off to the side.  I asked her if she wanted to join.  She spoke very little English, but was able to help her with her form.  The daily commuters from coming off the Ferry were shown what it means to Wake Up The Sun.  Our location was OK.  The sunrise happened and maybe we were able to capture a few good pics, courtesy of #CanOfFilters.  Thanks Chris


WEDNESDAY: BRIDGE DAY– Meet across the 102nd Street Footbridge.  Its a #GrassrootsGear kind of day.

The worst part was we were missing our Coach.  John, we missed you today.  #H2CStrong.  It looks like you are having a bad time, so we hope this blog post helps.



We cant wait for the #NPSUMMIT and the #ECSWI.  There is still time to sign up.  DO IT.  NOW.  Using the code NOVPROJ25WI to get 25% off the entry fee, you and your team of 4 or 2 will join this race officially.

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