Canadians are cool….eh?


Happy Canada Day! Our nation celebrated a birthday on this Wednesday, so who better to celebrate with?! Humans of every kind show up, they do cool shit, they say cool things, and they sweat cool beeds.

Today, was no exception, the workout was not easy, but we pushed each other, we hit our limits, and maybe set some new ones, we cheered each other on, and we did things we may never have done before. YYC is no doubt amazing, fierce, and one cool city!

Community is getting bigger, we are growing, we are stronger, and the word, this grassroots movement, is spreading. So much so, that people are bringing speakers (aka. Lulu), some Canadian treats, timbits, and homemade scones, that were just baked that morning (Sabine the machine), a case of sparkling wine to celebrate on this day. So with all that, we didn’t waste time afterwards, no one had to rush off to work, no one wanted to leave, humans who met for the first time today were bonding, no they were united over eggs, hashbrowns, and caffeine.

Ok, the juicy stuff. The positive stuff. The ‘can’t wait to hear it’ stuff. Today, we gave out the positivity award to everyone who showed up, its our nations birthday apteral, so this was shared with everyone. Ok, after all that fluff, and cheers, we then gave it to one person. He shows up, unless he’s outta town for work. He’s that cool quiet guy, with the contagious smile. He’s pumped to do whatever is thrown at him. He’s a prairie boy. He’s everyone’s friend. He’s always there when you need him, for NP or outside of NP. He may also give some incredible run up hugs…just sayin. Dude is fit, fun, and an amazing human. He is a Keegan, and he is November Project Calgary.


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