Can You Smell What the Rock is Cooking?…We Can’t Either! (LAX)

You wait in the supposed darkness waiting for the sun to rise and you have some hooligan screaming at you to “PULL  IT” and you know you’re in the right place. Let me rephrase that. No this morning we were not in an underground sex den waiting to live out our fantasies from fifty shades of gray! NO! We’re talking about our weird and wacky Bob it themed warm up inspired from the Milwaukee Tribe, though they don’t actually know the real noises the famed Hasbro toy makes. Amateurs! What we do best in Hollywood is take other’s ideas, expand on them and throw millions of dollars into it. Fast and the Furious! Boom. It’s actually the true life story of my my folks. That’s right Vin Diesel is my dad and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson is my uncle. A simple family story of the two brothers not having pasta sauce and racing to the market before the spaghetti got over cooked turned into a epic wheel screeching, gas guzzling action flick. Now that you know this vital information you may be still wondering “What is the Rock actually cooking?”


I’m still trying to figure out myself, but there seems to be subtle hints fierce and joy. That’s what happened this morning. The tribe was ferocious of the opportunity to be presented with our modified Kings cup workout. Racing, smiles, sweat, sore upper body and legs later and you know that you earned your hump day.

Keep on humping through as we do our box jumps for you have truly earned this day!




FRIDAY- Meet at the Greek Theater!!!

¡ARIBA! HUSTLE!- Get loco with us for our Saturday social on MAY 2nd @7pm. A few fast folks will start moments before our racers leaving a tortilla chip trail to a secret location where we will celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style! Beer, Tequila and guac!

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