Can I get your digits? (YEG)

We made it so easy for you today that you didn’t even have to ask!

Anyone cursing that person with 4-8s in their number, or the person who has that number with all the repetitions so it is easier to remember…Tyler did 60-80 pushups for someone who had a bunch of 2’s…so perfect, I love it when he has to work hard!! Great job everyone!


Now, you are leaving with a phone number without knowing who the owner is but it’ll be a great treat for them to see your face at some point throughout their day. Thank you for sending your smile out into cyberspace today!


  • Wednesday – Sunrise(?)6K – River Valley Road (Royal Glenora Crosswalk) – 6AM *Bring a headlamp*
  • Friday – Christmas Morning – Special Field Trip Location Laurier Park – 6AM *Park at the zoo*

Next Week

  • Monday – City Hall Christmas Tree – 6AM *A special guest will be joining us*
  • Wednesday – 28:19 Day – Royal Glenora Stairs – 6AM *Raceday*
  • Friday – January 1st, 2016 – Walterdale Hill – 6AM *Happy New Year*

Until next time…SMILE! J

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