Calm before the storm (YEG)

This morning we sported cowboy hats, howled at the moon, gave out hugs and bottles of sparkling apple cider (sorry no bottles of patron – although tequila may be consumed by some tribe members next week), and we ate hills for breakfast! 33 minutes of hill repeats (the extra 3 minutes was to ensure that I was able to get a full 6 sets in…thanks for indulging me!)

While the weekend forecast doesn’t look amazing, you know that we WILL be ready for it next week! We WILL be there in the snow/rain/sleet/negative temps. We WILL workout in the winter weather. We WILL have fun. We WILL give out hugs and share our body heat. We WILL continue to build this community and celebrate Edmonton as a winter city. We ARE #weatherproof and and we WILL again prove it.

Monday’s destination is Kinsmen Park…Drop your verbal now for Monday’s workout using the NP Tracker.

Check out our layering blog for some tips to help you become even more #weatherproof!

Remember “Win at Winter. Layer Up”


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