Calling All Caterers in Boston!

Do you work for a catering company that can help out with this Sunday (we need your help). Please reach out to us today at November.Proj[at] – Again, reach out today.

Other than that, we’ll see you on Wednesday for something that will beat you down and build you up. Come ready to go.

Two years ago, we added #DestinationDeck as our third weekly workout and our first destination was Chinatown arches. Back then we did simple deck of cards. Bunch of people that showed up that morning got ass raspberries from doing situps on the concrete, so our next location had to have some grass surface a.k.a. butt padding. Two years later we’re back at the same location but this time we left cards and home, put sixteen minutes (more like twenty) on the clock and rotated between sprinting, burpees, wall-jumps, and bear-crawls. This morning was a nice way to start the week!


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