Call me Maybe, Ice Castle Edition

Wisconsin Notes:

-Great Skate video and pics are FIRE

– Call me Maybe (rotary phone)

– Ice Castle VIP access

What a morning tribe! After the deep freeze we’ve had, today felt practically balmy at -10 with the windchill. It was a lovely change to see all of your beautiful un-buffed faces!

Derek was chuffed that I wouldn’t put his fav Valentines song on the Heart Playlist, so he decided to subject us to a bounce version of Ms. New Booty (facepalm).

In honour of Heart Day we decided to do a winter rotary phone version of Call Me Maybe at the pergola. It was hard, it was weird, it was hilarious. We bear crawled, we piggybacked, we Bojaned and so much more! If you haven’t yet, do your homework and text or selfie your number and get that verbal out of them for next week!

HUGE shout out to Gary, Kylee and Bruce for hooking us up with the ice castle VIP access! They had the castle lights on for us during the workout to set the mood for an epic sweat sesh. At the end they got us in for an incredible group pic and all the selfies and boomerangs that our hearts could desire!

The pictures and video from the Great Skate have dropped and they are NEXT LEVEL AWESOME! Go check them out on Facebook and tag your friends.

Today Captain Yvette was the overdue recipient of the Positivity Award! Let me tell you about this girl, she has been showing up for years, she recruits like it’s her job, she’s strong as hell, she has some of the most insane endurance I’ve ever seen and she placed second at the Great Skate. Yvette, thank you for recruiting me and thank you for being the best co-Captain a seafaring girl could ask for!

Full blog and picture recap of the Great Skate coming tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Tribe, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for making the choice every Wednesday to get out of bed and help us build this wild, wacky, wonderful community. I heart you all.

Megan Cora of the House Hunter, First of her Name, Queen Of Ice Castles, Kahleesi of Playlists, Breaker of Hearts and Mother of Valentines

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