Call Me Maybe?

Hey–I just met you.
And this is crazy.
But here’s my number…
so call me maybe?

Yes, this morning got real weird.
Yes, the workout was designed by Carly Rae Jepsen.
Yes, when you showed up we asked you to write your phone number down on a piece of paper.
And yes, you probably thought, “Well that was the worst pickup line ever…”

After we explained that the workout would be based on that phone number it sounded a little more legit, but barely. When we showed you our keypad in the snow you bought in a little more. You all then began dialing some stranger’s number on a keypad made in the snow on Copley Place. Some of you dialed more than one number. Some of you dialed a real number followed by a fake number. No, no one actually has 555-1234 or 867-5309 as their phone number except Bugs Bunny and Jenny. The point is–you crushed it. After the phone number-based workout you were instructed to keep your number and send that number a text message, selfie, or give them a call. NO DICK PICS! Some of you didn’t oblige…

If you still haven’t sent your mystery person a text, STOP READING AND DO IT NOW!!! Yes, here at November Project our goal is to make ass-kicking workouts, but we also strive to build community, and get people interacting with each other. You never know who that mystery person is! It might be your new best friend! It might be your next late night booty call!! The possibilities are endless!! You can always pull a Bart Simpson too if you want to. Just to start out on the right foot.
What ever you do. Reach out, say hi. Tell ’em you were glad they’re here, and get ’em to drop a Verbal for Wednesday. You know we’ll be there!

Much Love,
– Chris

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