California Dreamin’ with Goldie Graham.

“See you Monday!”

That’s what you said when we left you at the Westin downtown Saturday morning after our long run. “See you Monday!”

I was psyched. It’s been awhile since you showed up to an NP BOS workout, and the first one led by EmC^2 if my memory serves me?

SO MANY of the coolest Yogis of NP were there this morning. Izzy, James, Shira, Erica…but when I looked around? No Goldie. We know jetlag can be rough and that you taught somewhere between 12 and 180 hours of yoga this weekend, but this is Boston. This isn’t San Diéago. We’re not on “West Coast Time” here in Boston, USA. No–here, we take our verbals seriously.

The truth is, Boston took a hit when you and the-giant-you-take-care-of moved to Sunnyville, CA and now we miss you regularly. So when you ARE in town and you tell us you’ll be at the workout, we expect to see your golden locks in the bounce because it makes everyone feel a little better, smile a little wider, and work a little harder.

Did BG forget to wake you up?! Were you caught up on a Segway tour of Boston?! Are you stuck on Bunker Hill? Goldie? Goldieeee??? I hope you got some good sleep and the Segway tour was fun, but we just wanted to let you know we missed you Goldie!


Much Love,
– C. Payne

P.S. It’s extremely difficult to find an embarassing picture of you on Facebook. The segway tour is the closest I could get. This is an opening casting call to all members of the NPSD Tribe to remedy this. Go get Goldie drunk. Expense the bar tab to Emily Saul of NP Boston, but send me a photo. kthxbyeee

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