Calgary Fit Mob turned November Project



Tuesday March 3rd, it began with the arrival of the one and only BG.  Of course I had to greet him with the brightest wackiest clothing, and not to mention a giant neon sign, and balloon.

Where it really started was the Skate Park on the outskirts of our downtown, arriving early with Tammarathon/Tammaradactal/Tammarock (could go on), Rally Car Pete (co-leader), BG, and a couple of our kick ass members, showed up early!  We blew balloons and put the list of demands inside.  We laughed,we began the bounce, and we shouted proudly.  Today we became, November Project Calgary.

From there we ran, we popped balloons, we did our workouts cheering each other on (ok some banter may have occurred), we pushed each other and ourselves and crushed another Wednesday workout.

At the end of the workout, we huddled in (it was clearly to stay warm) and share in Jason’s Beard for warmth.  We cheered on the fact that we are part of this national movement, and BG, as per usual proceeded to step in and pipe up, amazingly we all fall for it and get quiet.  Ok, it was valid, he pulled out the positivity award and proceeded to give it to yours truly!  So pumped and greatful!

Today we grew as a tribe, our hugs became tighter, and our asses became firmer!  We are November Project Calgary!

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