Caaan you feeeel the looove this morning? (NPSF)

With NPSF’s parents away throwing down on the Park City trails, the Tribe was left in the capable hands of Liam O’Berle and the ZipstaMonsta. Shit got weird. The bounce got weirder. The co-leaders hope we get our job back.


This morning at Lover’s Lane in the Presidio, the tribe from in the bay had a very special edition of Friday Hills. The smell of love was in the air and it intoxicated all the members, even grouchy ol’ Mr. Wong next door.

It began at 5:30 when temporary tribe leader J-Lovely uncharacteristically burst out in song singing, ‘Caaan you feeeel the looove this morning?!’ That’s when we all knew, it was going down.

After a solid hour of making sweet, passionate footsteps heard throughout the presidio, regular gang couldn’t resist and joined the fun.

Dawn kissed the forheads of the hot and bothered tribe members as the beads of sweat cascaded down the lane. They were almost entirely exhausted from putting in some serious twerk but thankfully, the clock hit 7. Everyone had finally had their fill.

Jean Michelle laid down, gasping for air, and remarked in a French accent, ‘That was incrediblé.’ We all knew that it was going to be a good day.



Fort Mason. Monday. 6:25AM.

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